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The US star, Rivian Automotive, led by former executive members, was the directors of McLaren and Harley-Davidson, first module – the electricity selection R1T. The SUV, which begins to be done in 2020, is spent at $ 61,500. Because tourists have a enjoying seas, R1 has a huge impact because it offers strong power and thousands of people at a price that is not so high.

Rivian R1T is better than a Mercedes-Benz Class X: the electric pickup is 135 mm longer and 95 mm wider, with a 75 mm wheel shorter than the X class (3075 vs. 3150 mm) South-East With a 360 mm and depth depth of 1 meter deep, the Rivian R1T promotes large offshore features. This is also a commitment to the method of handling and leaving 34 and 30 separate degrees.

A unique feature of the Rivian pitch is the 350-liter rack, which is located between the berth and the freight rack. There is one other open rack at the place where the engine is usually located under the bonus. The volume is 330 liters. The capacity of its size is 800 kilograms, and can be removed by up to 3500 kg.

And now let's take care of the most important parameters for an electric vehicle. His driver is supplied by four electric motors, with a total output of 760 pp. and 1120 Nm of its most powerful torque (147 kW per wheel). The final development is essential because the R1T Rivian is available in three versions: 300 kW (560 Nm), 562 kW and 522 kW. Unfortunately, the most powerful product will not have the highest power. And they are three, have their capacity 103, 135 and 180 kWh separately. With these purposes, the pickup will accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h for 4.9, 3.2 and 3.2 seconds, with the maximum speed of the three 160 km / h. It is more important that the largest litio-ion battery generates a thousand of up to 640 km, and the smallest – about 400 km.

To protect a battery pack of lithium ion, the pickup floor is reinforced by kevlar and carbon. R1T depends on hanging of appropriate device.

His model will be made at an old Mitsubishi Motors center in Norman, Illinois. Last year it was bought for $ 16 million. The capacity of the plant itself is real – 350,000 cars per year, but Rivian plans are very varied: 50-60,000 choices per year by 2025

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