Tesla will cut car prices in China to take on the impact of a trade war – News


Tesla is in charge of model X and Model S car prices in China, company Thursday in a change in the strategy that will make its feelings more and more; The impact of the wars of war between China and the United States.

The electric carrier maker, directed by Billionaire Elon Musk, said he will cost the two models of 12 to 26 per cent to make cars more "accessible" in the & # 39; largest car market in the world, where sales of power vehicles are rising rapidly.

The move comes with real problems between China and the United States that have produced the extra yield of US goods introduced to the country, and, including vehicles, Tesla's hedge. The automaker currently includes all the cars that he / she will have; sold in the Chinese market.

"We include an important part of the car to help us make our cars more accessible to customers in China," said Tesla in a statement sent to Reuters.

The move indicates change since July, when Tesla was one of the first US equipment to market prices, in response to targets. The company has strengthened the models of X and S Modile cars around 20 per cent.

Last month, Tesla warned that he had difficulties with selling cars in China due to the new targets that would enable the company to accelerate its investment in, first giant in Shanghai.

The automaker was awarded the site for installing last month, which will help its & # 39; avoiding installments.

A company, which has recently started to be & # 39; Sale of a new Modal 3 in China, saying that a price and car crash would come from 540,000 yuan ($ 77,900) for the engine convert.

By rising prices in July, Tesla reduced prices on its modules in China in May after Beijing said it would cut exporting tariffs for all cars.

(Le Yilei Sun and Adam Jourdan)

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