Tesla's biggest enemy received half a billion from Amazon


Now the ex-president of the devolution management of its software to VW and Hyundai

The company, which is extremely bad to Tesla owners, has just received £ 530 million of new funding, and # 39; mostly from the Amazon global trade empire.

Aurora, self-devolution, exams

Aurora has already been fighting on the Uber for a & # 39; trying to devolution cars in Pennsylvania

You may not have heard it before – it's the name of Aurora. But the creator Stirling Anderson, who led the Tesla independent management project and was who was killed by Ilon Musk for secret business robbery when he left in 2017. After that, the two sides agreed out of the court and paid Aurora Tesla $ 100,000.

Now, the Palo Alto company said he had received more than half a billion dollars from a number of companies with Amazon. For now, Aurora does not do electric cars – instead Sale Software for a variety of partners, including Volkswagen, Hyundai and China Byton's senior representative.

Sterling Anderson, Aurora

Aurora Stirling Anderson is set up at a TED conference

Anderson commitments to be offered in proactive 42021 level 4 of devolution – that is, their vehicle can be used individually in all situations but, if necessary, to identify the driver to take control. The company was allowed to carry out street trials in the state of Pennsylvania, competition named after Uber.

Amazon has a keen interest in devolution cars that would greatly enhance delivery and reduce costs.

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