Tesla's sale could be banned in Sweden in an unequivocally inconsistent with regard to the exhaustive updates and Autopilot concerns. [Updated]


Solar Transportation Group threatens the closure of Tesla's sale in the country for 6 months without clear concerns about the potential to renew Tesla and Autopilot.

Update: the group says that it could close the search – although it is unclear why they have threatened a banned sale.

Reports came out of Sweden today about a Swedish Transportation Group; sending a letter to RDW, the Dutch regulator and European authority, were used by Tesla to approve the vehicles for European roads.

They say something is unlawful about how Tesla will install aerodrome software.

Anders Gunneriusson informed of the Swedish SVD Transport Group for the Swedish media:

"We do not think Tesla was working according to the type of permission from the Netherlands. We get to & # 39; a license granted against the law. "

They appear to have a special problem in updating the Autopilot Tesla system that is back in 2016, but they do not. go into it in detail.

Maria Lantz, the manager of Tesla san S-Suain, said its company updates have been installed; comply with the EU agreement system:

"The updates we make in European cars will meet the relevant appropriate requirements within the EU and we will analyze any changes which may affect the type of license with the responsible authorities. In this way, we can improve everyday life over the life of our car. "

Gunneriusson said they could stop Tesla's sale for 6 months if they find a "real danger of safety" as part of this research:

"In the legislation, we have a clause that means that Sons have stopped selling Tesla vehicles for six months if there is a very safe danger."

The company does not have a & # 39; special safety hazards to date.

Tesla's sale is very small in Sweden. The automaker automotive did not deliver just over 1,200 in the country last year, but it is expected that this will change when Modal 3 comes in the coming months.

In about a month of opening the Model 3 model orders in the country, Tesla has already been on the number of Models 3 in Sweden as the number of Model S and Model X orders together for a year.

It is anticipated that the first Models 3 vehicles for delivery of European customers will come next week and Tesla has been identified as a " vehicle in Europe in recent weeks.

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This is a strange thing for me. I read several Swedish media translation statements about this and have little awareness.

None were able to overcome what they are particularly concerned about here.

If we have the Electrek Suaine readers who have better handling of the situation and want to clarify us in the comments section below, it would be considered.

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