Test F1: Kimi Raikkonen will be doing a Sauber just as Sebastian Vettel is doing; distance setting


F1 2019 provisions already start in a fire test in Abu Dhabi; Kimi breaks down in the fastest Ferrari Sauber, Vettel

Last updated: 11/11/18 3:16 pm

F1 fans received an early view of 2019 on their first-day test after the Abu Dhabi season, which was culminated by Kimi Raikkonen. returning to Sauber after 17 years.

Two days after retiring from the 151th race and her final race for Ferrari, Raikkonen which was behind Sauber's wheel for the first time since 2001 – a & # 39; His first time in F1 – and finished over 100 loops.

But Raikkonen's first day did not have a Sauber Ferrari car, which was capable of 2018, without a doubt – Finn stopped his / her; running after a technical failure.

Drivers tried to test Pirelli tires for the next season at Yas Marina, It was an old Rarari team Sebastian Vettel which set the One Day Speed, 1: 36.812 clock on a 2018 display device.

Valtteri Bottas was the second one on the timetables, although the fastest time was on the 2019 instruments.

Although not officially confirmed as their 2019 race driver, Lance Stroll Force India is determined during the afternoon session and is ready for the fastest time, ahead of Max Verstappen.

Testing tests were in place before the start of a busy winter of drivers.

New F2 competition George Russell He finished the first one that was in. run for Williams ahead of his race in March, with the British in the & # 39; car in the morning before returning to 2019 Robert KubicaSouth Westerly

New from removing seconding Toro Rosso instead Brendon Hartley, rival Russell & F2 Albon Albon to see in the paddock with the team's uniform.

Pierre Gasly, at the same time, he was in Red Bull wheels when preparing for the 2019 move.

Britain Norris Country had been familiar with McLaren this year during trial and practice sessions and started his career as a racing driver for the Tuesday team.

In terms of full full results F1, a Brazilian youth Pietro Fittipaldi he went up to the long time with Haas when he started his team. He is the 22 year old grandson of a double champion in the world, Emerson Fittipaldi, and he is representing the third generation of a wider Fittipaldi family to appear in F1.

Renault continued to head Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull by using one of the race drivers. at present Nico Hulkenberg in the car for the last time to the & # 39; February to get the first knowledge of the tires and reagents at the next season.

Hulkenberg was one of the six drivers to go over the 100-lap, along with Raikkonen, Bottas, Verstappen, Norris, and Sean Gelael, which was in the Toro Rosso.

Abu Dhabi post session test, One Day schedule

Driver Team Laps Tiree Time
1) Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 67 Updated by 2018 1: 36.812
2) Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 120 2019 attractions 1: 37.231
3) Lance Stroll Force India 56 Updated by 2018 1: 37.415
4) Max Verstappen Red Bull 131 2018 Ultrasofts 1: 37.947
5) Sergio Perez Force India 67 2019 attractions 1: 37.976
6) Norris Country McLaren 135 2019 attractions 1: 38.187
7) Nico Hulkenberg Renault 128 Updated by 2018 1: 38.789
8) Pietro Fittipaldi Haas 54 Updated by 2018 1: 39.201
9) Robert Kubica Williams 32 2019 attractions 1: 39.269
10) George Russell Williams 42 2019 attractions 1: 39.512
11) Kimi Raikkonen Sauber 102 2019 attractions 1: 39.878
12) Sean Gelael Toro Rosso 150 Updated by 2018 1: 40.435

Welcome to F1, & Compound 5 & # 39;
The Pirelli name their 2019 fire company on the official timetable, instead of being unified from one to five.

That meant that six drivers, including Bottas secondly, were listed as a & # 39; Fill the fastest time on a fire called Compound 5 &

This may be disturbing at present, but Pirelli is changing fire names to try to make simple things for the next season.

Next week, three tires out of that batch of five will be used at each end race of each race, and they will always using hard, medium and soft names.

That means the supersoft, ultrasoft and hypersoft names are removed.

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