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This is shown by researchers at Uppsala University and Emory University in the US in a study published in the largest Biobiology journal of Bio-knowledge.

– Our conclusions show that it is a common purpose; There is a cure with antibiotics that can not be found in the unexpected normal test method that there is also a small number of antibiotic insects, which is a small number of antibodies that have been proven, Dan Andersson, medical bacteriology at Uppsala University.

What is more than antibiotic-sensitive bacteria is also a very small number of bacteria problems – less than one per cent of the total – in a sample with heteroresistance.

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The most common method of testing is often found, as well as antibiotic-sensitive bacteria, also have some unusual bacteria in the sample.

– If such a heteroresance is not detected, there is a clear risk that the antibiotic medicine you have chosen will not work. It will, indeed, affect the bacteria that are sensitive to antibiotic, but at the same time it is & # 39; free play for the indirect gas for reconstruction, and definition of Dan Andersson.

The researchers investigated heteroresistance in one of 28 types of antibiotics in four different bacteria species. The samples came from patients with different types of disease.

For more than every quarter of a test of a drug and antibiotics, heteroresistance was shown.

– This incredible high statue shows that heteroresistance is largely a problem in healthcare, says Dan Andersson.

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Dan Andersson

There were many reproductions of different genetics called the bacteria that faced it. However, when these bacteria were grown without antibiotics, in most cases, they were less unstable that they lost the reproductive movements over.

– It can cause bacteria that are always when the sample is returned from the patient to be aware of antibiotics when inspected in the laboratory . It is obvious that it is preventing its & # 39; judging, and emphasizing the importance of doing it; develop and include methods that can quickly find heterograms in bacterial samples, saying Dan Andersson.

Researchers will continue with more checks to get a better picture of how big & The problem with heteroresance in healthcare.

"Among other things, we analyze a study in which we analyze patient samples with blood poisoning to find out if there is any link between heteroresist presence and death in the illness, "said Dan Andersson.

Footnote: The scientific article in Natural Microbiology can be read here.

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