Testing Netflix Subscription Streaming Mobile Phone $ 4


Netflix is ​​confirming a new subscription in an attempt to compete with other ventilation services, PC Mag's comments. The streaming giant attempts to just select a newer subscription option that will; booked at just $ 4 a month.

Before you get offset, there is no need for any current value, the choice is directly restricted to Malaysia and there is some restriction. Although Netflix users can stream to any phone or record, it is not possible to move to devices such as television.

In addition, the quality of the streams will be affected, as the new plan does not; permits a standardized definition stream but this may be a problem for users who can become familiar with the content of interpreting their telephones.

Netflix says that in the new option a "user" s understanding of a consumer interest in a mobile plan is only in some countries. "

"In general, we try to try a lot of new ideas at any time, and they can change the time they are going and who see them. We can not -that all the features or elements included are shown, "said Netflix in a statement that QuartzSouth Westerly

It does not appear to be a test in the United States, where it is already influenced; Even with 137 million supporters, Netflix has fallen behind in Asia, where he has to compete with more expensive options. As the normal solution costs $ 8- $ 10 per month worldwide, services such as free of charge are YouTube, and there are other services – such as Viu, Hotstar of the Outer and HOOQ – who will cost less than Netflix.

The company also has a & # 39; Trying to attract new supporters in Asia through programs. They have recently announced plans to make a film of eight original films and a new series for Netflix India, as well as 17 original films from other parts of Asia.

Netflix has been trying to try other features too, this time to the convener of many loyal users. Over the summer, many users complained that the service was a giving them advertising for other Netflix programs without any means to spread the ads.

Reactions started on the ads that uploaded to Reddit, with a great deal of dispute about the prospects to bring advertisements into the giant's stream.

In response to the horror, Netflix said that the campaigns were not stable – just a test. They also said the ads were he did shows a choice for spreading and that passwords can move passwords by clicking a button.

"We're trying to see if there are suggestions between episodes that help members to find stories, they will enjoy them faster," said Netflix's representative. "Two or a few ago we introduced video principles to TV experience, because we saw that it was a huge cut of the time lost by browsers and that we helped them get something They would like to look faster. "

Since the announcements were first reported in August, he seems to have died about it.

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