Testing of Travelers Killer Bashar: Witness statement of witness – Frankfurt


Wiesbaden – As the witness is afraid of evidence Q. (14) from the defendant Ali Bashar (22), he had to leave the courtroom in the evidence. Evidence was given by Mansoor Q to follow a video transmission of a nearby room.

Susanna († 14) is said to have been attacked by Ali Bashar on the conviction in May 2018 of Wiesbaden and that he was murdered. As an introduction, he admitted that he had killed the girl. They are getting rid of the rape.

The manoror Q is in charge for saying that he has been transporting eleven years boys with Ali Bashar. With a murder case, Susanna should be a principal witness, giving important information to the police.

At 9:43 am Mansoor Q. was broadcast to the courtroom. He says that he was friendly to young brother Ali Bashar. He only had to talk to Susanna murderers from time to time.

"Ali was a good boy," Mansoor Q describes the 22-year-old in the first place, as this still sits in the courtroom. "If anyone needed help, it was ready for help." As he knew Susanna, his character had changed. He never recovered.

As soon as Ali Bashar is in the adjacent room, he almost escapes from the manse. C. Every day Ali Bashar drank alcohol, especially vodka. At home he should have a black doe. His brothers had dealt with drugs.

When he came to the queen, Ali Bashar was "ready to do anything". He was afraid even to be praised.

Mansoor C: "He wanted to chase a girl in Kurpark Wiesbaden. I wanted to stop him because he was angry. He wanted to make me run off. daughter. "

Susanna mentions Mansoor Q. as a “very good, strong, nice” gentleman. She was also afraid of Ali Bashar. According to Mansoor Q, she did not want to sleep with him. On the bus, Ali Bashar once said, "If she doesn't sleep with me, I killed her!"

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