"Teth" in the middle of his park, couple to the sick baby


Wednesday, November 28, 2012 07:56 AM (GMT + 7)

One woman who saw the event said the young couple were in close association at least five times for half an hour on the grass.

According to information posted, the event took place in a park in England. That day, about the hours of the evening, two young people, despite everything, and all their clothes, were close to her; garden in the park, there were so many incredible and angry people.

At the time of the event, many of the young cricket played in the & # 39; park, and the parents who saw the whole vision of hot young children saw.

& # 34; Love & # 34; hot in the middle of the park, bitter twin - 1

They could not take the blue behavior, some parents quickly put the police to report on the incident. But wait until the police stop their stopping personal public behavior. couple, a parent has made a decision.

He went on and the man who burns a very strong fire; put out the clothesman, not to sit firmly. Then run another parent to divide the two of the fighting. People 's love will be in a & # 39; The public also terminates immediately

& # 34; Love & # 34; hot in the middle of the park, bitter twin - 2

One woman who saw the event said that the young couple had been in close association at least five hours for half an hour in full. After a number of local police clocks have been told not to actively look for their forces, the parents and their parents. Couple has been involved in splitting.

After the police told they had noticed 13:15, but they were not at 14h40 that they were present that the two were left.

The event was reported by the media, causing a lot of attention that caused many people to criticize.

"In front of the day, but also it's willing to do that, of course, think of someone, really interesting," "In addition to the system, they will break the windows to shame ". users to press.

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