Tether started a census confirmation and was able to bring out just USDT in Fiat


Tether, the person who handles her & # 39; a favorite USDT style program, has opened up for new users.

In addition, the company's website says that users can now take advantage of the updated platform to just deduct USDT tickets to enter fiat .

According to Tether, the direct change has recently been relied on due to a huge increase in things that continued to exceed its past year. Now, supporting partnership with Deltec, Tether has a & # 39; Return to the "original vision", depending on the users who can work directly on the platform without relying on intergroups.

Shortly, the company says that the platform will be able to get USDT dollars directly. To make all the features in fiat users can only do once a week.

The company also added the tariff table, which is a. Showing the fees for investing / withdrawing money:

As you can see, there is an advanced scale for cross-drawing. For example, if there is a trade in fiat money from $ 100,000 to $ 999,999, the deduction fee will be 0.4% (however, more than $ 1,000), and to invest money – 0.1%. If the amount is in the range of $ 1 million to $ 10 million, the commission will have to withdraw 1%, and to insert it – it will not be changed. At the same time, money is back and brought out in a free USDT.

According to the back of these news, the famous Bitfinex exchange announced that they would make USDT / USD and EURT / EUR trading partners together.

It has been recently remembered that the Department of its United States Justice An analysis of the possible treatment of Tether during Bitcoin last year's helpful rally.

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