Tha Airlines Airlines translates a dream of a poor woman


The joy and a little frightened her 40 year-old women, who often went to her face; Caring for two children to grow, when she first identifies her dress, called her hair and familiar with the work of a flying supporter (TVHK).

My brother is to be TVHK when I was young. Later on, tell my girl about my dream. That's how she was looking for joy during the years to carry children.

Looking to & # 39; "Tree Tree" program on HTV3 TV, Le Ngoc Thuy, who is 9 years, sends a letter to his / her program; Ask if she did TVHK once. And that hope has come true, thanks to the wing of the Flight Training Center and the VNA hosting team.

Share the joy of how to do it; Helping his mother's dream to come true, Ngoc Thuy was happy, "Because I know my mother is happy to TVHK, I wrote my dream for sending to the show . My brothers are to achieve my desire. I thank the students for their program and Vietnam Airlines. Then I met a lot of beautiful hospitals, to meet the Youth Union , children are very fond of ".

VNA's "love trip" has dreamed, not only Tuyet Nga's mother but also of Ngoc Thuy. I hope the joy and happiness will come out, wings for Ngoc Thuy children. On the way, in the future, we have Le Ngoc Thuy's host master!

Tuyet came to experience as a flying assistant

Tuyet came to experience as a flying assistant

Having experienced the flying attendant at the VNA Flight Training Center, Tuyet took his feelings openly openly.

– Hi! What do you feel when you are & # 39; know TVHK?

– I am very pleased and delighted, especially surprising when I was today to Vietnam Airlines training aircraft attendants. My brother has been a flying assistant to come true, although he's only a one-time experience but I have never forgotten it.

– When will you be a TVHK dreamer?

– This is the dream of my youth, I like to go to new countries and a new culture, and I am going to see it. See TVHK very pretty and scarce.

– Your daughter knows a dream from time?

– When a young girl, I'm telling the old days of TVHK to do but life should not be a dreamer. It's amazing today, I was surprised and affected me.

Vietnam Airlines has helped Tuyet achieve his dream

Vietnam Airlines has helped Tuyet achieve his dream

– What did she say when she sent the letter to her mother to know TVHK?

– She does not say anything to her mother, until the program says that her dream is made for her mother and her mother BTC will take to the Vietnam Eitidh Airlines Center to experience TVHK.

– Do you guide girls to become TVHK?

– Of course, if his dream is to be a TVHK, I'm ready to support it, because this is a great deal of business.

– What plans do you want for the next time?

– I continue to educate my children, and then go to; Continue to bring children to a college to bring about the children's dreams.

The Tuyet Nga dream project is broadcast on HTV3 – Ho Chi Minh City, which is expected in December.

Nhat Minh

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