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Original title: "Phoenix" boat saving water is causing 47 Chinese tourists to die

BEIJING, November 18 (Xinhuanet) According to foreign media statements, Thai authorities rescued the "Phoenix" distribution vessel out of the water on the 17th to investigate the shipwreck. The "Phoenix" was brought back in July this year, which killed 47 Chinese tourists.

The Third Royal Navy District District published the Thai and the tourism boat sank into the sea. Well Identity: Oriental IC rights works Re-print

According to Thai police report, on 14th, a Singapore professional rescue industry was appointed to face facework in the shipwreck. After several days of preparation work, the Phoenix was saved to sea at about 5pm a day. Since entering the seabed on 5th July, there are 135 jobs.

Thai police said the Phoenix would be moved to Dock Phuket and will be inspected by the marine professional research team. The research will focus on the vessel inspection or a suspicious boat, and find out why the boat will sank to the sea quickly.

On July 7, 2018, a local era, near the Yoshishima marine area, Thailand, fishmen looked at the tanks on oxygen aboard and prepared for research and rescue.

Reuters said Major General Sulache, Deputy Tourism Policy Director of Thailand, said: "The Phoenix is ​​a crucial evidence to prove the cause of the accident."

Phoenix was a tourist boat with over 100 travelers, on July 5th at 4:30 pm, and was on the waters of Phuket, Thailand, ready to return to the doc. Unfortunately, the local waters were very stormy, and the 5 meters tall wave remained. On the Phoenix. About 5 minutes, he sank to the sea base. It was difficult for the boat to kill 47 Chinese tourists and dozens of people were injured.

Following this huge shipwreck, tourism safety in Thailand's marine area revealed its impact, a tourist market in Phuket and even Thailand. The Scottish Government subsequently said that it is very important in terms of tourist safety and a warning of hard weather warnings and a boat safety monitoring system.

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