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The adventures of Thailand's opponents may not be on the 201A AFF Cup if they do not; making more University employees in the game this evening.

The biggest win to date at the AFF Cup in 2018, and # 39; Protecting her heroes Thailand is sorted out to her; blue and it is likely that it has declined when it meets the Philippines in a meaningful game. Group B crops decision, as warnings about a professional gold country.

M.Rajevac's coach does not know about this when Serbia's manager found that Thailand was happy to pass Indonesia, especially in the context of "satiated" players much more after the "suspended" screen. Timor Leste 7-0 at the opening. Thai players are coming in with their & # 39; The most important and most appropriate opinion and they need to use the strongest force to win and with some fortune, Indonesia would be able to replace it. 2-4 lost.

Philippines: Thailand G.Eriksson coach - Picture 1.

It is expected that the Eriksson coach will help the Philippines a & # 39; stop Thailand distance 21-11. Photograph: REUTERS

In a 21-11 conversation, the Philippines will do everything to the absolute candidate; in Thailand. In addition to the benefits of the home, the ability to master S.G.Eriksson senior senior type might be a fundamental reason for the loss of this device. The Philippines public opinion did not have bad incidents before Timor Leste but do not forget that their three points are still as expected and may have "launched a fire" to address Thailand.

A number of key players such as Woodland and Otto have been relaxing for their entire game, Steuble is pushed from the back to the midfield defense zone and at the Schrock German midfielder is not badly bad. from the start match against Thailand. The Filipinan Islands, with a higher degree of players, have a strong corporate base, high quality, and a good cause of strengths for Eriksson to impact over Thailand.

However, Swedish is the only idea of ​​designer and decoration of Swedish rulers. It is the problem that its students are experiencing; stick to the game and its & # 39; play in front of a more equal and more equal team.

After winning six points in group B, Bacolod won the Philippines and Thailand with the prize, Visit them, even to count their challenge in the & # 39; final. This table is slower than one day record. Do not forget about Singapore's ability to play Timber Leste in the same game, ready to compete one of the two main roles in this league.

Thailand fans attack the Philippines

Thailand fans of the Philippines football group have stopped a business stop for visitors despite bad weather.

The Thailand airplane from Manila to Bacolod was erased from the length of the Philippines; leaving and arriving safely, a & # 39; puts out a controversy before the B-team base. So Thailand is lost. Take an important practice session to get to know the main level.

In addition, the quality of grass, garden and a bargaining room in Bacolod also offers unsustaining football fans from Thailand.


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