Thailand is dead, Indonesian is in danger


AFF Group B 2018 after the third round

AFF Group B 2018 after the third round

It has still been affecting Thailand's 4-2 impact over Indonesia last year, even though the Golden Temple is hosting it; arriving at Rajamangala Stadium Bay in Bangkok.

After being guided, Thailand has a balanced balance, a & # 39; 2-1 in the first half, before putting two goals forward, leading to 4-1 in the second half (then the Indonesia sent the gap down to 2-4). Sgurr Thailand had three points against Indonesia in a game where it was not growing, but every time they put forward they scored.

We've been seeing how Singapore has been in & # 39; strive to provide Indonesia with one goal. It is also the time the team of the island is in trouble in the operation of their battle.

Thailand shows the candidate's strength of Case No. 1

Thailand shows the candidate's strength of Case No. 1

Compared to the game against Singapore, Indonesia played Better, a gradual improvement from the game against Timor Leste in the second part of Group B, then to & # 39; game to Thailand third.

But the difficulty in which Indonesia is playing is good or not, compared to themselves, but Thailand's problem is a bit worse; show any face. Once the Golden Temple ground team is in a perfect shape, they will place over all the enemy in the area.

Thailand was really up and then back in Indonesia strongly. The team was not just strong, the team was so relaxed, so after the enemy was being led, he still continued to use it; game slowly, before the end of the board to its & # 39; board for the opponent.

Even India is not a good game for Thailand

Even India is not a good game for Thailand

In terms of Indonesia, they have almost lost them to Thailand leaving their silent 2018 AFF Cup, just after a & # 39; group, although one of the students is highly regarded as the archipelago team. Competition before the ball begins.

Indonesia is weaker than Thailand, they have previously lost to Singapore, although they do not know whether the Philippines can win or not?

In Indonesia's case winning the Philippines, they still have a "#; Many of the conditions are needed so that they can go on. The Philippines, as well as being lost to Indonesia, have lost their & # 39; Thailand stayed in the team that was left in the company.

Singapore also lost to Timor Leste. But still not enough, the team had to lose just a big gap, Indonesia would continue, with a comparison menu … page.

A series of conditions must be done at the same time, it is only the new miracle to save the island team. To be blamed, they should not & # 39; worrying themselves, they do not get sustainability, despite much money and a lot of ambition!

Kim Dien

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