Thailand shows the power of Indian damage!


– Thailand has shown that they are the best candidate for the AAF Cup 201, when they hit Indonesia 4-2 and the door to its final.

Thailand challenged the challenge from the beginning of its game. Photograph: AFF
Thailand (blue shirt) put pressure on the enemy from the start of his game. Photograph: AFF

Indonesia, Thailand (3 points) is a group management guide B; Despite playing only one version, as both Singapore and Indonesia were involved.

Welcoming Indonesia in the home of Rajamangala, launched the team that the strongest team is not based on diagram 4-2-3-1. Adisak Kraisorn – scored six times against Timor Leste to continue to appear in the attack. It is the support of 3 Nurul Sriyankem, Sanrawat Dechmitr and Tanaboon Kesarat.

With its benefit from home and the spirit of comfort after its sake; game of the destruction of Timor Leste, Thailand attacked at first attack. The home side consistently made crosses to divide; defeated in Indonesia and all aimed at Adisak Kraisorn, one of the best players on the field.

In 6 minutes, Thailand created its first dangerous situation. From free phones, the ball was entered for Chalermpong. Thailand's skipper had Kraisorn crashed into the slate, but a defender in Indonesia to clean the ball just before lime.

The following minutes, Thailand has played a great deal of game, expressed by the center, body and coordination of rich and rich.

15 minutes, follow the side of the house to go on; to the left side, before Dechmitr got the ball in the box. Unfortunately, the player was not enough enough to deal with Indonesia.

The opponents are constantly pressing, but Indonesia continues to show its threat and its features. Shortly after this setting, the player will spend number 25 a & # 39; Conducting the number 25 Riko to not shoot away but Tedsung is a Conduct the reflections quickly to the home team.

Visitors to create a balanced game; Thanks to strong defensive play. Not only that, Indonesia also gave the audience the field, and attacked Rajamangala when he opened the scoring suddenly.

29 minutes, after breaking the corner, the ball was released to the Zulfiandi 2 line surprised to remove a seal off the break, making sivak Tedsungnoen into the net. The 1-0 score for Indonesia.

After his case, Thailand put on to take the attack team forward. At the house side was a fair score when Tanaboon Kesarat burned a dog of more than 30 meters, but fortunately the keeper of Indonesia made the rescue.

Thailand won the second Cup AFF
Thailand won the second Cup AFF

However, from the left corner position, Wiriya-Udomsiri added a super-product. The 24-minute ball shot for a long post, made 1-1.

He is heard with his / her interpreter, before his / her; first half, team of teams ahead of 2-1. Continue to be a correct position on the right side, the ball was thrown into the penalty area. The Indonesian player broke the ball in the air, Pansa Hemviboon quickly hit the net.

Moving into the second half, Indonesia began to; increase equalized ambitious balance. The team's discomfort has created situations for Thailand to search for attacking attacks.

After two-thirds of the time, Adisak Kraisorn was able to visit after an early pass by a team member. The striker of Number 9 players did not have an opportunity for an Awan Setho visitor to ban.

He made a gap of two goals, Thailand plays slowly to keep the score long & as he was waiting to complete the "challenge" opportunity.

Thailand calculations have come. Pokkhao Anan went past the 75-yard garden as a secretary before going over a Setho keeper, raising the score to 4-1 for Thailand.

After a fourth hits in Thailand, it was a subject and Indonesia allowed the score to be reduced to 2-4, thanking Aryanto after a very dangerous end.

Achieving 4-2 with a visitor difference of +9, continue Thailand by & # 39; Group B guidance, and provoking Indonesia's danger of being abolished.

Creation team:

Thailand: Sivak Tedsungnoen, Philip Roller, Pansa Hemviboon, Chalermpong Kerdkaew, Wiriya-Udomsiri, Mongkol Tossakrai, Thitipan Puangchan, Nurul Sriyankem, Sanrawat Dechmitr, Tanaboon Kesarat, Adisak Kraisorn

Indonesia: Awan Setho, Putu Gede, Fachruddin, Hansamu, Alfath, Riko, Evan Dimas, Zulfiandi, Andik, Beto, Lilipaly

In the remaining game of Group B, the Philippians 3-2 won Timor Leste after achieving the score.

The Philippines opposed the early challenge of the game and lost three goals in 68 minutes. In the last 30 minutes of play, Timor Leste made two archives in three minutes and tried to keep the score.

Achieving its & # 39; 3-2 game, the Philippines got 6 points too but secondly after Thailand. There are three points in Singapore and Indonesia, and Timor Leste is still empty.

Duc Tien

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