Thailand succeeds with the biggest goals, Vietnam 201 is the team of Cup A 201 2018


Vietnam is the only team that has not broken through Aup Cup this tour, following a 3-0 victory over Laos and 2-0 against Malaysia.

Many people think there is a weak team in Laos compared to the Vietnam team, but certainly the weak Zhao team does not know how to get a score. The evidence is that Laos is still affecting the web, even if it's not; managed in Malayalam and Myanmar.

The fact that Vietnam's team has not yet committed to & # 39; comes from the defense system built under the coach Hang Seo Park. Okay, the Vietnam team is strong in low and high level cohorts.

Vietnam is the only team not committed at the 2018 AFF Cup (picture: Gia Hung)

Vietnam is the only team not committed at the 2018 AFF Cup (picture: Gia Hung)

Young defenders such as Van Hau, Duy Manh, Dinh Trong help Vietnam players to be able to capture the players that attacked the enemy's distance.

In addition, the senior champion of Dang Van Lam and Que Ngoc Hai, who are the backbone, who are good players, can help move the Hang Park team here in a & # 39; protect balls and balls.

Malaysia is not a weak team, both technically and hard, but Vietnam's team still stands for the opponents, confirming that Vietnam's defense system had been well organized before competition days. South Westerly

At the same time, it is not surprising that Thailand is the most important thing in this year's AFF Cup.

Thailand reached 11 goals, even though they played two games

Thailand reached 11 goals, even though they played two games

The Golden Temple team played two games, but it was sent to 11 goals. They are also the team of admiral Adisak Kraisorn, with seven goals in two games.

Just as the nature of Vietnam's game against Laos, many will realize that Thailand is a " Many of the goals are assigned a lot because they only need to play the weak team of Timor Leste on the army.

But, indeed, after its game by Thailand, Timor Leste also had a & # 39; opposing two other strong teams of Indonesia B and the Philippines, they will not be as heavy as Thailand.

In particular, Timor Leste lost to Indonesia 1-3, then hitting the Philippians 2-3, in a game that created Timor Leste's tour greatly if all the opportunities created were completely used.

Thailand has highlighted many goals because the strength of strong, strong team resistance was strong in the long ball and ball. Even in established situations, the Golden Temple team is dangerous.

That is the invaders in Thailand very diverse. And since Thailand's good assault, while Vietnam's team has been Protecting well, many people think about a dream game between Vietnam and Thailand on 15/12.


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