10 million heritage! Play it completely Eat the last food with your mother and go to yourself.

10 million heritage funds! Play it completely I want to eat the last food with my sister-in-law and dead myself.

5 February Pol.Lt.Gen. Kranchai Khanatsa, Inspector (Audit) Muang Nakhon Ratchasima Police Station Obtaining a person's death information to & # 39; using a firearm to enter the house inside Lieutenant Mueang, Mueang District, Nakhon Ratchasima District. Department of Police Duty Then inspected by the inspection department And Sawang Metta Rescue Unit Nakhon Ratchasima

It is a commercially located two-storey building. In front of the hall, the ground floor was found dead. Mr Weerawat, 48, old Leave your back with pouring from your mouth and nose. A wounded gun was killed which was preserved under the left screen. On the side of the group, a gun revolver .38 The officer held him as a witness. In addition, mothers and sisters were still awful, crying close to each other. His chief medical researcher found a gun of his heart.

Making a question on her & # 39; dear sister The brother is also one person. As the eldest son of the family, staying here with his mother and Before the incident, she sat and dined with her and her mother. Make ready for each other on the New Year of China What did you not show anything wrong? After eating, spreading everyone. And he and his mother were collecting pests in the kitchen and they heard the sound of the gun. When he was running to see the house, he found that he was in the kitchen; using his own gun.

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Add friends to itWhile it was from a & # 39; police Find that Previously, 4-5 years ago, this family got from a father who died nearly 10 million baht, but the deceased person is a gambling stakeholder. Often you donate money from the estate to play regularly To make the last money lost Destroy the dead to put pressure on it. In the past 2-3 days, he had made a complaint to relatives that he wanted to die. What relatives did not think that would be true Then the officer brought the body to a detailed examination. Before allowing the family to return the body to religious heritage

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