5 "Beul Scrub" recipes, DIY version, beautiful mouth with a simple way

"Lips" The pink color, Ju Chub Must be exchanged with care One of the medical care procedures in "Bean Scrub" As well as making old skin cells It has been eliminated Also helping your lips look very handsome and healthy But if you have any problems "Dark Bills" Look flexibly, it is not clear, so come! No longer need to sit and sit; believe. We are "Beul-scrub Reassemblies" It is easy to come to girls

Today Thai Life Life There are 5 healthy recipes easy, DIY style, to confirm if you follow the girls. They have beautiful bills for a kiss immediately

5 "Beul Scrubb" recipes DIY editing

1. Soda baking + milking a thousand

GuidanceSoda baking and honey 1 teaspoon of each man Make a scrub on the wing and move softly over the bills, then burn in detail. And then by adding a nutritious food balm To mitigate

2. Made with coffee powder + sugar + Vaseline

Mixing powderCofaidh 1/4 teaspoon Sugar cane 1-2 spoons slowly andVaseline To match the formula "Bean Scrub" This can be done, as well as trying to try the clothes, and also help keep bills healthy and beautiful

* If there is no coffee powder in using a cocoa cook instead

3. Creed by new butterfly powder powder

Native plants such asTerrific powder 1 mixed teaspoonFresh milk Be any food of fresh milk, easy 1/4 cup, move well, massage the lips calmly Then go for a while Then burn This time, the bills are smooth, soft and pink.

4. Sugar + lemon juice

It's easy to find this way, just mixSugar1 teaspoon and bendingLion soug 1 hemisphere together, scratch, rub the bills, circulate and burn in detail

5. Reasag salt + mil

Formulation of mouthTry this out, maybe "Salt" Leth teaspoon after that "Honey" 1 teaspoon is mixed together, and bubbling, salt will be added; Helping the old skin cells to easily fall, and honey will help her; moisturizing the bills.

Can you see … it's not hard at all? Do you often do 1-2 hours a week and a & # 39; Start to see changes in your bills? Which formula is appropriate, try to follow together.


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