7 "acne" types need to be dealt with quickly Which kind of acne is the most difficult?

Women, oily peel can feel their own "Acne"It's easier than others, but" acne "can occur on all kinds of skin. And it has several reasons How many types of …" acne "? What type of face does each type have? How to keep it you?

Today Thai Life Life Invite to know the story "Acne " Types of acne That's not the acne

1. Blackheads

AcneThis is what we call it AcneTo close to & # 39; decided open no Blackhead Look like a small blister with an open fire until you see the headAcne And see the black spot in the middle What are the black spots caused by oil (Sebum) that deal with oxygen with oxygen in the air A sudden fat burning

How to handle: Acne medicine is often used for clogged acne in particular. And using acne shoes

2. Whiteheads

AcneClosing on his or her head Environmental Summary Apparently AcneWithout open holes Put the skin forward for a & # 39; push up When you use a hand on its bone, it's a # 39; Feel that little nuts are becoming more hard because the roots areAcneDeep AcneThis type when it is spread for a long time Increase the size And you have a good chance to become an agile acne

3. Pimple / Comedone

Pimple Apparently the name is like PimpleIs a type of unusual that occurs with the follicles of hair is the same as birthAcnePrevention is caused by unusual skin around the pots that cause the thickening of the rod to stop. Along with a collection of soft hair in the poles A & # 39; Find as many as 5-50 lads

Pimples are found in many places with large peaks, such as the back, upper arms, fluttering, nose, chin, peel between the eyes. And when age is increasing, larger they can get

How to handle: Use a medication at the time that helps reduce reductions such as benzyl synthesis or oil appliances. A group of biotamine A. Aids to easily clean pimples and sharp pimples Used in conjunction with press press. A doctor should see her to start to & # 39; correctly applied In the right amount only If used frequently, it may be delicious and bring the commander's skin.

4. Acne inflammatory, acne red nodular

Is itAcneAny type of shlam A similar to a large red blister (size greater than 0.5 cm) under the skin It's a feeling like a hard kidney. When his wife gets injured, bacteria and oil in the pipeAcneSkiing under the skin AcneSwelling can be done for many days When healed, there may be raid

How to care: when it isAcneThis type of doctor should be seen for proper treatment. Because drugs can not be sold in general pharmacies to be handled

5. Pepple red pimple (Papule)

Inflammatory acneThe next type isAcneBlister, red, blistering, small sickness, not exceeding 0.5 cm.AcneThis solid bone type in the early stages has been developed since clogged acne. The size is smaller than Nodular Acne pimples and there is no pain.

How to handle: Tight cleaning Do not use facial scrubs. As it increases the emergence

6. Pustule acne

This isAcneThe same shlam That looks like a red blister and pain Above the vessel with a yellow pus headAcneWith more linesInflammatory acnePaper room or which may be caused by itAcneThere are other bacteria, problems

How to handle: Tight cleaning A face screw should not be used. As it increases the need of emergency and acne cure should be used 2-3 times a day

7. Conglobate elephant

Is itInflammatory acneTypically the type is intense in adolescents with oily peel. Some people have a family history of acne as well as an elephant's head. An acne elephantApparentlyInflammatory acneA method of all types of close mixing, including acne, pustule, acne, nodule and acne headAcneOften a lot of pus and blood flow AcneOften there is a lot of face, chest and back.

How to handle: difficult to handle and it is a bad connection. Cubes flat or large acne holes. You should see a doctor and treat a doctor

As well as getting acquainted with each otherAcne That is …

Artificial acne, acne, acne pimple (Acne Aestival)

Acne NoLinks Some call itAcne stone A tumor of the sugary flavors (Syringoma) is seen as a small blister. Broadcasted as a tight face on the face This is when hot sun is. The blister will let up. Apparently because it's a falcon gland; there are no holes under the skin

Most are around the eyes. Because many slashes have been pronounced before we swore out. So the black rings are bent downAcne It looks like hard, grain. In addition, there may be a red face when sunlight. No some people also get blasting rods

How to handle: Do not dry in the sun for a long time, but if you need to go out to find a hot sun, you should wash your face with water to make the surface temperature reduced. Some people are caused by tap water loss. Do not use drinking water to wash your face instead. Do not wait late. Reduce weight and if acne is not burned, you do not have to see a doctor. But if it's in a lucky pimple, see a doctor for more medicine.

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