A glass sat in a movie broadcast, a & # 39; make money again and again, strong and without use.

The weekend that Americans do not want to go anywhere. Because the heart was aiming for a Super Bowl competition It's not surprising to do a movie income; making money this week But there are new interesting films in Breaking through the old movie, but still an old man, stand in the top 5

We started at 5th Man Spider – In the Spider Verse Animation of a half-hero Wooden hunting in a & # 39; 5th place, still the same

The 4th place was thrown into the throne Aquaman Half-human, semi-human, Atlantis should be a king of the marine kingdom The pouring into the main 4 this week.

The three major new films Miss Bala Remake Version 2019 from the famous Mexico-renowned film, 8 years ago, tells a real story about Mexican women. Almost not removed from the head When the police found that she was independently involved in the movement of drugs Just for helping her a friend

Miss Bala In my linguistic language, which is a? mean queen of bullets, to capture sash with weapons Rising to Number 3 in the series is a very difficult $ 6.9 million series in the first week of the show.

Secondly with the Goodwill movie The Upside A story about 2 different guys, different types of skin That shares happiness to a stable relationship with a relative

# 1 is still Glass When there are three men who think they have superhuman powers We should face the head of an unexpected hospital in an unborn hospital Before leaving its own borders, let's know to the world that the superhero is right.

Glass State remains strong, ceasing at # 1 with $ 9.5 million in revenue this week

(He put together a film to make money from Boxofficemojo Le Nithikarn Soonwan

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