"Area" is coming back for its & # 39; to play a game in 10 years

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Long time to get the young hero at her; see a drama degree. "Basic Military Area" Join the game in the list. "A ten million drop, THAILAND SECRETARY MEMBERS" He said to compete with celebrities, campaigners and campaigners from Ban Khet, "almost unable to remember the last game released on That year, almost 10 years ago (laughter). Honors him Another thing is already. The real tour is very exciting, and # 39; hands-shaping, all pressures on the program, both sound and music sound, the lights on the platform and the competitors. It's really interesting, especially when you play Ben Santirat. Watching as a child in the drama, the set will meet, but when the time is to play a bad game, there is no Everyone of the younger, Aotai's younger brother. I tried to focus on. Making the best thing What's On ; in a person who fears high heels, but he needs t-shirts It's a really interesting and memorable experience. How can you fight with others? Monday 11 February – Thursday 14 February 18.20 times. Air Channel 7HD.

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