Collect 5 cases! Manchester United put pressure on West Ham 2-1 to pass fifth.

"Red Devils" Manchester United opened the home crowd, beating "Hammer" West Ham 2-1, gathering three points and making "gunon" Arsenal up to 5th level, and t 5 stories. This happened at this game game

5. Co-ordination of Red Devil playersPaul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Romelu LukakuGareth Copley / GettyImages
While Manchester United will win this game, but the players of the Red Devils don't have a full shape.

The renowned players are unable to sing and display errors, as David De Kea, a goalkeeper who called in a team visit against the game, is quick and wrong from back, Marcos. Roho, allowing Felipe Anderzon to have an empty place, a lynard that is almost useless in the attacking game, including marxial and the one-to-one rhythm that can't be expected and Luke No I know Reflection of the arbitrariness still.

This is very worrying. At the moment, he is fighting against UEFA's 2 League Champions League, which need to be held in Barcelona at the Nou center this week.

4. Pogba is calling for confidencePaul Pogba, Marcus RashfordMichael Regan / GettyImages
At the game where the Red Devils meet each other in the shape of a pocket, Paul Pogba decided to play the key. It signifies the confidence of the French star again, as well as your success. T

3. The most attractive thing is a rusFBL-ENG-PR-MAN UTD-WEST HAMPAUL ELLIS / GettyImages
After D Clancy Rice had been hit by Manchester United in the first few weeks of his disappearance. The big one shows the ability to replace the special West Ham.Tha device is the 20-year-old middle player also cutting the main strokes. In tourist crime, a frequent occurrence

It is no surprise that Red Devils supporters will see red red dress next season.

2. Chicharito visited the old place, quietly.Javier HernandezMichael Regan / GettyImages
Javier Hernandez's Manchester 2010/11 2013/14 season is amazing season and by getting the baht as an attacker. When we had to close the media barriers, both Chris Smiling and Phil Jones, Shichari could break the dramatic look.

1. I can't wait for the VAR in the Premier League.Juan Mata, Robert SnodgrassGareth Copley / GettyImages
In this game, you have 2 questions that are doubtful, whether this is the view taken by Felipe Anderson before the game. Followed by a penalty imposed by the Red Devils when Juan Mata's stadium was stopped.

The Premier League will use the VAR next season to help make a clearer judgment on these 50/50 strokes. And we can't wait to wait

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