Dr. Shock! Great king 4 meters long, pulling through the face The neighbor shows a fortunate number.

Great King

Great! Rescuing rescue royal king, 4 meters long, a & # 39; dragging across the road to the side of the house. The 11-year-old boy said and told his father to fight. The lottery was not lamenting the fortune, fortunately; draw this fortunate.

Big King / On 9th February, Sawang Sawang Sawang Thammarat Rescue staff, Betong District, Yala Department Expressed Towns at Kapae Kotok Village At Betong Municipality, Betong District, Yala Province. Call for help. There is a large snake hanging in house number 29/5, Lieutenant Betong, Betong District. After receiving the information, the organizers were ready to travel to monitor them.

When he arrived, he met Dr. Arodot, who was 11 years old, was waiting for the rescue officer to be able to; frighten And state that rescuers watch the car tires in the house A great king's cobra was found The length is about 4 meters and is inside the inner tires. Rescuers use the device to safely capture. And let it back to nature

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From research, Dr. Mayi, though he would walk to her & # 39; A car park suddenly saw a huge cobra going down the front So shouting to his father Before my father's footsteps were seen A big snake had gotten But you do not know what the snake So the phone got to know how to catch the rescue What helps to capture the cobra king Towns who are familiar with the news & 39; see the number of the house. Rescue vehicle registration number To find the lucky number in accordance with the rules

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