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Drugs drugs range See images from Huawei P30 Pro The best mobile camera in history!


Huawei has to be called a camera that is very important about the camera, because Huawei P9 who started working with Leica 3 years ago, has been using the camera in the iconic button from Huawei have jumped from Tasgadh big to this issue What can we see now if the Huawei P series unfolds at new models?

  • Huawei P9 (2016) – The first mobile phone was developed by Leica to put a black and white camera into a double lens. Mobile phones allow dynamic images to be given as normal to Leica and they look immensely. until it is identified in sympathy at that time
  • Huawei P10 (2017) – Mobile phones with the next generation which will improve P9 on each side (also known as this module is not specific before giving full greetings Please call this module a little: P)
  • Huawei P20 Pro (2018) – Starting AI technology in moving cameras that changes the image according to the look of a pixel-binning that fuses 4 under pixels into large pixels. And a nightless system without a tripod (AIS) at other smart phone camps Follow this up
  • Huawei P30 Pro (2019) – Mobile phone camera false It 's crazy!

Huawei P30 Pro has the first meaning in the 16.8x brand camera!

The Huawei P30 Pro is the first phone in Gaelic with Periscope lenses installed (from the date of sale). This square lens is specifically designed using reflective reflection given for running. Enter the plain plane browser with the device. From normal light entering the weaver perpendicularly Allows Huawei to develop lenses with a uniform length of 125 mm f / 3.4 in thin phones. What if you don't use reflections like this? camera zoomable as it is impossible.

Camara Periscope

In addition, the Huawei P30 Pro Pro lens a broad angle of 16 mm f / 2.2 to accept an extensive angle. As burning in a easier easiest room and the main lens 27 mm f / 1.6 40 megapixel solution the solution for moving with Huawei P30 Pro 10 is to move images!

The first one shows zoom 270 zoom or 10x when viewed from the main lens. This 10x logo is called Hybrid Zoom because it uses lens data and 5x data from a main megapixel lens to measure the image. Sharp

The next picture is the 125 mm or 5x fan slope from a Periscope lens. It is quite sharp as the lens zoom.

The picture from the 27mm lens logo can be seen that we are far away from the body. But it is still clear

And the last one is the lens with an egg that is 16mm wide or 0.6x that allows us to capture a wider view of the image.

Another is of 50 times a digital size. But still able to retain the information to allow what is taken!

The extension is 10 times we're talking about the Huawei P30 Pro. It can be shot in 27-270 mm without breaking, but if the lens comes wide, the Huawei P30 Pro will be able to take pictures of the 16-270 mm range or 16.8 hours, if it is a camera player, it can be understood. to have a picture in this size area You must have at least 2 lenses for change or the quality is good, you must carry 3 bullets, which is several kilograms. With regards to Huawei, it is possible to do at one phone, and this is the extraordinary story for the first P30 Pro.

Madness 2 The vision of a vision is more visually striking than the eye.

Who would have thought we would have a small phone camera one day? With powerful storytelling through the night with more information than anyone can see, but the Huawei P30 Pro can also be made by removing the new sensor's architecture.

(Left) Paste color pixels on the first chest (right) SuperSensing which turns green to the yellow place.

From that time to the present, the digital camera browser will use the main color mother. Let's say the color RGB pixel reel like Bayer Filter, which is even changes With some camps bright white to RGBW to increase the rays But some camps are arranged with RGB, but the RGB image browser is RGB. for more than 40 years is the foundation

Here, a new SuperSensing detector at Huawei is laying the foundation of the sensory design from 4 pixels arranged in a RGGB model or with 2 green pixels to get images. RYYB designs will be in place or use 2 yellow pixels instead of green pixels. And the new image process changes using the information from yellow to replace Instead Huawei says it will get more light than its first sensor. 40% can accelerate to ISO up to 409,600, which is the rate that DSLR cannot perform between

But the secret in a night photography is clear that SuperSensing doesn't just change the basis of sensory development to a new one. There is another 3 storage which could be stored more.

  1. The magnitude of 1 / 1.7 inches is greater than the normal mobile and the quality of the design is good.
  2. The LEICA Summilux f / 1.6 lens is well lit. (If you look after the device, you can see that the glass is a big lens for a moving camera)
  3. OIS image fixing system installed in main lens It makes the shutter longer

All this drawing

Images from the viewer when burning The light shows the light We see the shadow of the icon

This is the darkness that we see. Our eyes can see the view.

The photograph was taken by ISO 204,800 at the aircraft, which switched off light, leaving only a light.

This is an image that can be taken in Auto mode with Master AI to pull up the color for good looking.

And if night is to be burned (like the iPhone), it is the mode of switching to a wide wide lens or using the Pro mode instead, which will be able to freely select the ISO, but we like it is clearer This is the 2nd error of Huawei P30 Pro camera.

Madness 3, a back camera with ToF, is making the clearer face after a bad blow.

A ToF or Time to Flight camera is the special camera designed to measure speed By burning a laser or an infra-red and the time of reflection comes back to work out how worked out. the objects in the image are long. The picture is more detailed and can visualize it better. Which users can pick the Bokeh format behind and in the exact shape? Is it a disc in the middle or other of Bokeh?

And interestingly, the video is free from dark as it was before.

Selfies will; provide a better color and background information to AI HDR + which is a lightweight to keep both light and background.

In a decision, if they aren't sure They're going to try to play at a mobile shop t

We know that the camera capabilities of Huawei P30 Pro are very crazy and many things, such as 10x extend or burn in the dark at this stage, it's hard to believe in the corner of other smartphone users. (If Pro P20 should be used to make sure it is not difficult to see? Try to see the eyes of mobile shops across Thailand. You know you don't kill it!

PS. Huawei P30 Pro opens at 31,990 baht. Now, Pre-Order is open. If you are interested, you can go to a place.


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