"Hayes" refers after her & # 39; "Liverpool" game shared by West Ham points

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"Emil Heissey" An amazing star star of a special "Liverpool" team. They came out to comment after sending their game to a "#; The group ever attacked "West Ham United" 1-1 on the crowd with 3 remaining points …

Foreign newsgroups on 5 February announced that the famous striker, Emil Heissey, Liverpool "Reds", the English Premier League, went out to comment after putting his game to his / her; group ever attacked. "Hammer" West Ham United 1-1

It is acknowledged that The team had left a 22 minute visit from São Paulo Manzac. But the host "Hammer" West Ham United came to a visit from Mikhail Antonio in the 28th minute of the game, so Manchester City came after 3 anxious. Score now

Eventually, Emil Heiskey came out after his game, with Gerhard Klipp's team, just 1 night of his prize last night. "Liverpool has the chance to lose the danger of the famous people from the team. I do not tell you that Mohamed Salah, Roberto Fermino and Sadio Mana will not move out of the team. Because he has many reasons Like to be being put into force with the team for a long time The two seals in the team and the team manager But the main reason why they have decided to remain in need of winning (winning league). "

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