"Index Living Mall" will promote the promotion of "Bedroom and Sofa Cell"

Index Living Mall will promote the promotion of "Bedroom and Sofa Sale", a & # 39; Invite the people who love to decorate their houses to achieve their romantic items in nature communication. Valentine's Day Valentine Finding Home decoration And household goods Under the aura of the natural style That creates wood products A variety of floral patterns, such as sofa, a bar, a sitting room, a restaurant set, a kitchen set, cuisines, picture frames, clocks, vases, lamps, bed sets, bed sets, etc. Specific initiatives for example

· Complete set of bedrooms, Winner Furniture starting from 16,990 baht, Mix and Match bed room set (5 pieces per set), Price 22,990 baht, logo Furniture furnishings, & # 39; Starting with 32,900 baht, Set of Mix rooms and Match Buffet (4 pieces per set) Price 29,990 baht

· Functional fun, soft price, up to 60% discount, such as sofa tools, OVAS module, price of 10,990 baht from the original 29,990 baht, corner socket machine, COCO price 39,900 baht. The price of 7,990 baht is from the original 13,990 baht and select 4 sets of all-room living rooms (sofa + cabinet wall and TV cabinet + showboard) for just 13,990 baht and get free! Center register (small Orrow Morrow) when shopping, retail furniture, price of 39,900 baht, and & nbsp; take part

· Get ​​free for free !! Pillow, bolster, print or bedding When you're buying bedding, Index Living Mall, Catherine Brooks, Studio Carelli, pure care. And you can get 20% discount when you buy at Serta or Theraflex. There is a normal price based on the specified settings.

· Get ​​a 0% installation fee for up to 10 months from the Krungsri Credit Card. Get credit back money. And leaflets up to 122,000 baht and other credit cards Participants Ready to buy the right electric device right

· Get ​​free for free !! Exclusive Gift Cruise, a 38-minute walk-on sailing. Address Catamaran Yaucht for members with a & # 39; Ceilidh with the highest of 6 prizes (6 awards each), worth 37,560 baht. Total 225,360 baht

:: Start your shop now from 7 February-27 March. At Index Living Mall 30 you can enjoy the countryside

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