It must be good! Nong Nat gave scholarships to Tokyo Nongkit As well as suffering large cheeks

It must be good! Nong Natt gave a scholarship for Nongkit Tokyo, as well as a very rare circle

Another child in the online world is to go to; popular for Yakit Tokyo, Dr. Who is 14 years old Danit Sae-Ai who helps parents sell Tokyo sugar from Primary 1 in the Pak Kret region, Namtokri area. 5 so many people have been praised and offered to support many younger children

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In this number, including the sexy young figure Nate Kesirin, ask him to help her before, Nat Post said there

"Do you have a place to stay? I want to help with the scholarship of 10,000 baht. I enjoy it. What do children think good, do good, and # 39 talk well. Who can contact you? Do not contact the youngest brother who is expecting to sell Tokyo I want to meet my own riam. "

Nat then sent to Tokyo Young that "Nat would like to get out that Nat has got two roles to get Nat's help with the scholarship, Tokyo Nongkit: 1. And it's First private money part Nat. 2. Nat was previously informed that a sum was to move to the Nat. account. No one who sent or sent a descendant to Bank Nat gives these money to Natt's personal money. To be presented as a scholarship for 10,000 baht on 1 March as expected, I hope I meet with my sister Tokyo. "

Finally on the afternoon of February 28 Nat Ketrin I traveled to Yakit Tokyo By giving money to children of 12,000 baht as it was done Being a scholarship Mus add images to the IG and those hits "The worst enjoyment of my soldiers The shortest of Nongkit As she was just on a bath and put a new powder # Tokyo Nongkit "

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