La Leela won the title "Sing Thailand Extreme Circuit 2019" in second place.

He won 'Athatty'; Leela the title

Shinty Sports Association ParadeThailand will stage an exciting sporting event "Sing Thailand Extreme Circuit 2019", the second blade at UD, Udon Thani Division, the first day on the 30th of March. -High board, universal model which is a selection of players.A 30th anniversary of the Marine Games in the Philippines, resembling Ruangsri's Athiwat, the statistics of 85 cm, was the same as the Sunthornphai Patts, but Athutat won the competition for the latter to finish off.No

Game Skate (Skate Game) Amateur 1 1 Imran Puente 2na Courage Courage 3 Guinaphop Suksri, General Version 1 Thawatchai Songyung 2 Jasin Pornchai Suree 3 Simple Penguin Set, free style Men's surname 1 Panitiphuang Saichai 4.654 score 2, ruby gold, 4.681 points, 3 Vatthaphong Kongpan, 4.770 points, female standard 1, Sasikarn Kongpan 5.164, score 2, Yanisa Pumpkin 5.649 Score 3, Sirinthip Rakphan 6.204 points, male youth 1, Navapol Kongpan 5.382 points, 2 Nichkhun Tanapun, 5.878, score 3, rural, tons, with 5.976 points, and young women No. 1 Natty Nation Pasut Navin 5.227 at 2d. Note 6.242 Tip Score Kra Ban Kot Banpot 6.406 points

Skateboard Range preparatory visit to select 10 people who have received a score. Entry to the finals is: amateurish form, which includes Panyasuk, Phongphak Khongthong, Imran Pete, Sirimongkol Saeli, Phol Kritthong Ngoen, Thanadol Termmaneesri, Narawit Udomkop,

Chanon Sarasapa, Teeraphonchai, Mattamanee, and the common version, which contains Naphat Vijitrung, Thawatchai Yong-ueng, Athiwat Ruangsri, Suphichit Sexsuk, Chayakorn Wongwattanasophon, Noppakorn Pan Uthai, Jirasin Pornchai Suree, Kornvit Ketkaew, Rikuca Rang Exploration, Chatchapol Wangkachi

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