Lazada will once again mark the 7th anniversary of the e-commerce statistics … t

Bangkok – 1 Apr – Federation

Visitors surpassed 318 million times in a 7-day campaign.

Sales grew through the south-east Asia 15 hours ago in 24 hours.

Meet customers to play games, collect points to release the discounts up to 6 hours a day.

Live streams from Lazada Super Party from across the region are 12 million views.

Lazada, the head of electricity and "Shoppertainment" in south-east Asia Put pressure on consumer hearts Attracting 318 million visitors during the event, marking our 7th anniversary t users come to sell, watch and play games through the Lazada app at year of year celebrations for up to a week. As well as live streaming from the Lazada Excellence Party of first-class artists first held before they entered the 24-hour shopping festival on 27th March.

Lazada is a full-time campaign that marks their 7th birthday, breaks the mention by giving full advantage to the trading platform or the Shoppertainment. To give customers a new experience The publication of a successful sale in south-east Asia spends 15 times the average within 24 hours. In infinite application Lazada also knows about technology systems and infrastructure management. Displaying a live stream of Grammy songwriters and writers The hottest of Dua Lipa's prose, as well as the main stars and singers across the region. (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand) with 12 million viewers on Lazada applications and the official television broadcast in Indonesia and Vietnam

Mr James Tong, Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Thailand, said, "New purchasing features in the negotiation form have created a lot of incentive for the Lazada stage. Buying in the shops is not only an enjoyable moment but they can also enjoy shopping, but also enjoy the sport. Another major step this year is because of the full integration of the Lazada technology platform with Alibaba A Creating more value Added flags Suppliers and retailers can now use live games and games to encourage sales within the application.This is just the start of a new start in order to help with sales t success of the eBusiness industry And strengthen the e-commerce system in south-east Asia t

The Chairman of the Lazada Group, Mr Jing Yin, said, "It is seven years for Lazada in South-East Asia. And we want to thank you for enabling us to meet the needs of new generations Who is the wise merchant? Sellers and logos that wish to progress Our aim is to develop e-trading infrastructure with principles 3E: that is, strengthening power (Enabling) and Knowledge to grow flagship and manage a salesman Since we started Super Solutions, we are sure we will achieve this aim and are excited to continue to recognize future success.

Since the new game began, LazGame on 21 March, it was found that buyers in Lazada Applications had been increased to 6 times a day. Play different games like Fruit Slash, Birthday Blast and Popping Balloons to collect more points. Through the seven day campaign, there are over 2.5 million players, with 9 out of 10 customers who collect cakes. To find out about discounts on the app

With regard to Ms Sarisa Chivaphan Sri, Salisa's brand holder, he said, “On the 27th, the number of people selling 288 times is greater, with customers buying to get start the campaign after midnight Discuss this celebration activity Helping increase the number of visitors and shop products from the shop.

Some of the most important highlights of the Thailand anniversary celebrations, such as the first result of packing and carrying. Homeless delivery at 8:09 on 27 March at Ratchada Road Bangkok, the top 5 messages with the highest sales are in LazMall of Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, Mamypoko and Foremost. The shopping festival has health and beauty. Electrical Appliance Tools And mother and toddler results, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, which has just been dropped out by Lazada at one place Making for wholesale for mobile phones at Lazada Thailand for 1 week Celebration More than 250 symbols and more than 250 symbols and more than 570,000 people pass over 570 people.

About the Lazada group

Lazada was launched in 2012, at this time is Asia's biggest online trading channel. Which works in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam as a newcomer to the e-commerce industry in south-east Asia. So Lazada has over 400,000 providers and more than 3,000 logo to meet the needs of 560 million users in the sector via the freight marketing platform. Along with 450 million SKUs personal, information and targeted marketing services, Lazada offers a wide range of products such as beauty, fashion, electricity. Domestic appliances, toys, sports equipment and supermarkets t a commitment to creating separate customer experience through a variety of pay systems that are easily understood and accessible by customer care services to around 100 supply providers.Tha Alibaba Group Holdings Limited ( NYSE: BABA) the owner. Large regions of Lazada Group

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