Named "Liverpool" a long "Mane" contract to 2023: PPTVHD36

The "Liverpool" officially designated a long-term contract with Sergio Mano, the team attacked the Senegalese national team has been completed. Do you expect to reach 2023.

"Liverpool" named a long "Mano" contract to 2023.

Sabine Mano Line attack. From Liverpool The contract was updated, although the club is still not to confirm that the contract is updated. But all the media said he would be in Anfield long until 2023.

Mano talks about his feelings after a new contract was signed this time. The best decision in his football position is. Very good It's the happiest time to be & # 39; Extends the time of joy for Liverpool. It's a good day and it's now a & # 39; Looking forward to doing everything to help the team altogether Help the team to perform their dream. Especially to win.

Glossary from Southampton with a tax of 34 million pounds in the summer of 2016 and so far. Scout the team to 40 visitors from the 89 show range.

Jerry Campbell said the Reds are good for all. I do not think there are any European clubs that do not like players like it, so the choice is that; With our team now the team level test. He is a major member of the team. He is happy. And think that this is shown in the game form.

Another man who extended the contract was Thomas Kelly Marks a coach who, a member. The contract is for another six months to June the following year.

Since Galatas has been marked as a coach from the summer to go to # 39; Carrying out the technical skills of Liverpool players, which players like Trent Alexander Arnold or Joe. The development on the left and Liverpool is ranked by the world's most famous football coach with a 51.3m record, and Gomez has recently appeared. Long live the game in England. Beginning to & # 39; first visit to Jesse Lynch who received 1-1 Croatia.

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