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News Channel 16 TNN24 captures all the truth

Their raw oil market closed 44 cents from a & # 39; taking profits, disturbing US oil results

Today (1 February 62) Texas oil contract Texas (WTI) Due to the emergence of an indirect new market for furniture in New York (31 January) Investors are selling profit after two price increases after each other. In addition, the danger of oil was also hit by the US Government Energy Information Information (EIA) report, which says that US crude work remains high. Monthly drinks … WTI raw oil rises by more than 18%

WTI raw oil contract for delivery of March Fell 44 cents, or 0.8%, for closing at 53.79 dollars / barrel

Brent raw contract for delivery of March Increase 24 cents or 0.4% to close at 61.89 dollars / barrel

Crude oil contract closed. As investors profit profits after the price has been increased for two days after each other. After news about the United States launching Venezuela's Bolivian Boycott (PDVSA), Venezuelan government oil company. What's going on to go to DVSA will depend on a value of $ 7 billion And we lost up to $ 11 billion next year

In addition to sales sales The EIA report also emphasized raw oil contracts, which showed that there was a US oil production per week; ending 25 January as high as 11.9 million barrels per day.

The EIA report also reported that horrible oil recordings have risen up to 919,000 barrels per week ending 25 January, which is less than expected to reach 3.2 million barrels. Gasoline stock fell 2.2 million barrels. Compared to analytical repression of 1.9 million oil barrels and wonderful oil stocks Including heating oil and diesel oil, dropped 1.1 million barrels, while inspectors had a & c; expects 1.4 million barrels

If considered throughout the month of January WTI's 18.5% petroleum oil contract grows, the most striking record of April. 2016 while Brent's raw oil contract rose 15%, a & # 39; Making the most striking record from April. 2016 too

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