Observe the feeling "Garena World 2019 Unlocking Paisley", the biggest match of the year.


For Garena World 2019: Unlock Your Passion, held on 6-7 April, Garena took the full tour of the competition and the competition. From the camp's various games and from other partner shops and key sponsors Total ability of Hall 98-100 at BITEC Bangna

And for anyone who is far away or who doesn't want to take part in Garena World today, we've taken the beauty of beauty so that everyone can see together. What event on Sunday, 7 April was to see if it's a Thailand event if you are currently taking place? This time, will the event be big enough for your status? They will see them

The event was held in Hall 98-100, near the BNK48 handshake event.
Looking out we can see that the work is very big
The first thing you can see is the beauty. The Garena column with 2 points in the event
In the picture of the columns in the other corner the free fireplace can be seen in the background.
RoE Bothan
Photo Center
Garena's moving car in another corner
Evos Capital team from Indonesia Enter the competition Free
Another free fire competition
Early Drifters Competition
Do a good job for the Garena community
A nearby loL cottage and RoE are located nearby.
The atmosphere in the cottage LoL is overcrowded.
LoL Demacia Open Cup Competition
The other side by the side of LoL is RoE zone.
Figure Ahri was sold at the event
PB also came
FIFA Online 4 with Invitation to the Sea
It's not a motor-moto girl, but a girl
This event is a beautiful car. Take many photographs
Big Bike, another beauty in the fast-paced shop
In the Hall area 100 people will include RoV.
The speed of the RoV range is now a Buriram pair with a Toyota Diamond Cobra pair.

After going through the shop for other games, the final of the RoV tour, the biggest season of the event, on 7 April, the League 3 Pro League final, which Cobra's Toyota team had won. T Integrated Buriram and Bazaar Gaming to a 3-0 effect and 4-1 individual games.

From this time he has been the winner of the various RoV awards from Pro League Season 3 at the last 8 weeks.

Isilidilz from Buriram won the best prize from being involved in killing 277 times.
Firstone from Buriram won one of the Best Killer awards in 163 killings.
Difoxn of Bazaar Gaming won the Damage Maker Dam for a total of 2,276,553 of the competition.
The Best Tank prize was won by the PYU of Workpoint Fighting Fish, receiving a total of 2,454,649 vandalism.
JJax from the Diamond Cobra Toyota won the MVP after the final came to an end.
Considered as the greatest game in the early years, that may be the case for Garena World this time t

Complete the prize from the event By going to a lot of RoV, lots of people are playing in the game so there is no time to play other games And they went in and they couldn't go Residents tachartas For a Thailand Games event, there was still a demand for Thailand 2019 to be held on the back of the year. And there may be a BiG (Bangkok International Game) event that could be re-started and other games like the PlayStation Experience that could come to Thailand again t They are both a good game game and both the Game and Gamer players, but this year's major game has proved good news. Showing the clear future of our future home game industry

Also this year, Toyota Diamond Cobra won the Pro League.

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