Open account of 3 High Level points! Institute Director Forensic Law No Collection – Gold

NCCC, the new law Open the account of 3 senior-level holders, found as a director of the Institute of Forensic Science Current 87.43 million coal collection – gold tower

On 28 February National Anti-Corrosion Commission (NCC) Office Determine accounts that show assets and responsibilities In addition to supporting documents of 3 senior positions Including Lt. Col. Wannapong Kacharak Institute of Forensic Science In occupying the 2nd December 2018, Mr Pongpanu Svetarundra Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sport If he does not leave office on 9 December 2018 and Mr Wetchanuch Charoen Local Water Works Authority In leaving office on 17 December 2018 for its & Public In February 28 -29 Mar, 08.30-16.30 hours., At the Accounting Room, NCCC Office (Sanambinnam), Muang District, Nonthaburi Province

Disclosure of accounts shows assets and liabilities. Along with supporting documents of these highest posts Holded for the first time after the law has been implemented on 2 December 2018, if the senior manager takes account of the possession account under Section 106 of d '; Scotland Office But, the first three of the beginnings will begin, then it will come from time to time.

For a property account Mr Phongphan along with Mrs. Chananya Svetarundra Husband Obtaining greater assets liabilities 79,541,588 baht There is no debt in Mr Phongpanu, 51,636,972 baht, which is an investment of 19,319,414 baht, an investment of 15,897,558 baht, land 8,770,000 baht, housing and buildings 5,000,000 baht, 2,200,000 baht vehicles and another property 450,000 baht , including pe

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Ownership is 27,904,616 baht 12,371,319 of baht investment, investment 3,883,296 baht, housing and buildings 9,800,000 baht and other assets 1,850,000 baht, as a ring 2 carat diamonds, a wild ring Diamond diamonds and gold mill Gold diamond diamond brackets Rolex watches diamonds

Part of it Wizard AndMrs. Chantana Nuchcharoen Husband The total stock is 37,792,097 baht. Mr Wit holds 21,810,028 baht in his / her; company 15,982,069 baht. In addition, the total debt is 8,399,181 baht, the applicant's debt is 4,055,871 baht, a debt of 4,343,310 baht

But, Mr Magic and his spouse. Houses and land buildings are in the house; Most funds, but investment funds show that there are no rights and limitations. And no other assets (price from 200,000 baht or more) and also show that there is no money (Only if more than 200,000 baht money occurs)

Yes Lt. Col. Wanphong And Mrs. Inthira Kacharak Including Dr. Wannawut Kacharak Under-age children Get more debt from 87,437,805 baht What is the total property of 98,056,622 baht, which is owned by the applicant 75,841,717 baht, owned by a partner. There are 20,962,721 baht for children under 1,252,183 baht

Lt. has a total debt of 10,618,816 baht. Col. Wannapong and each other. The applicant's debt is 9,223,331 baht. A debt is 1,445,518 baht. A & # 39; most Lt. Col. Wannapong and her husband are houses and buildings, deposits, deposits, rights and deductions. Other property assets List

Mar 12 gold bar, 15 objects of bones, 177 items, 7 firearms, 9 male shows, gold belts, gold mill, diamond necklaces Memorial Medal, 9 items, 14 medals, 10 women leaving, 15 pairs earrings, 5 bracelets, 5 rings, 14 gold gold, 5 women watches, 4 ladies

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