Patricia Goode's actor was sent secretly.

Actair – model "Patricia Good" to hear the young person; use the iPhone to insert their language into the shoes to hide under the skirt while & # 39; as he was walking in the center. Take the police I have an iPhone inside a skirt. Between him

Actor – a half-sister was taken under the skirt. At 8:30 pm, Maj. Gen. Akapan Thanyarat, Lecturer on Lonphini Police Station, told by Miss Thanyatak or Patricia Good, 21, model and actress. I'm not sure if this is the case. When you walk as a fashion promotional fashion banner Interior of the Gaysorn Crystal Room, 19th floor, Gaysorn Tower, Rama 1 Road, Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok, after the security guard of the man's maintenance center . Ask the police to take the case.

After receiving the notification, the Police Department asked the police to investigate the people suspected of being in a position; This case study at Lumphini Hospital known to Mr Nuttawut. Wong Wattana Korchai is 40 years old, living at 848/57 Soi Khamaneeram. The first most important thing is, Mr Nuttawut, a & # 39; allowed the estate. As a photographer to get into the job. I usually used to phone the iPhone under the coach as submitted by the person. Submit the iPhone under the tongue of the shoes and drill holes to take pictures. Watch the iPhone after the event. Meet their video while & # 39; what you are filming under a & # 39; actress and other pornographic clips. It is based on evidence.

Miss Tanya Chan, not Patricia Good, said actress. Before going to a fashion scene, there are clothes at the place. During that time, I spoke to the fans at the event. Suddenly, a girl who is a supporter, says. Mr Nattawut, the accused walked. Surely followed Before the recruitment club helps to keep track of it. I've discovered that the underground legs are around the string; Submit the iPhone to submit the language boots. In order to kill the defendants secretly, then contact the security guard within the court. I went to the hospital in Pathumwan to tell.

I'm not sure what that means. The lawyer asked the procurator to do an action against the victim. First, find a crime with any action against any other person who wants persecution, harassment or threat to be damaged or damaged by M 397. If found guilty of other taxes there will be more.

Patricia Good is an actress and Thai-English model. Undergraduate Arts Communications Undergraduate University of Chulalongkorn English Thalang is a people in China; first class. Phuket Currently, he is an actor in the Thai Television Channel 3 and has his first television part. The farmhouse with his sweetheart. This is the first full-time heroine in love.

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