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PlayStation will organize the encouragement of New Year of China Reduce a game price up to 80%

Sony has progressed to welcome New Year's New Year. Meet the special offers from PlayStation Store from 31 January to 13 February this year.

1) Spread up a 80% game through PS Store
The Chinese New Year festival on its PS Store is a & # 39; starting from 31 January to 13 February, with a reduction of the PS4 game up to 80%. PS Plus members receive special discounts for some games, such as Seller's best game, "God of War III Remastered". 80% and PS Plus members receive an additional 10% reduction), "Assassin Collection The Ezio Collection" (80% discounting) and "BATTLEGROUNDS" ON A & # 39; CONNECTED THE TIME "(30% discounted)
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2) Special offer to purchase PS Plus members for 12 months, they will receive an additional bonus of 3 months
Special offer to PS Plus members for 12 months. An additional 3 months will not be sold on PlayStation Store between 31 January and 13 February. PS Plus members like to have a & # 39; Play online with friends and Other benefits include free monthly games, special discounts and participation in special events.

3) For PS Plus members, find lots of free games such as For Honor and HITMAN – The Complete First Season.
Free games for PS Plus members for February can be downloaded from 7 February to March 6, including For Honor (PS4), HITMAN – The First First Season (PS4), Hand of Fate (PS4), TORO PS4 Feb Theme (PS4) And Avatars "Kingdom Hearts III" (PS4)

4) NHS Initiative – "Global Plus Year" PS Plus 2019 "
Meet the "PS Plus 2018 New Year Participation" activity that will be organized through fans' pages. PlayStation Asia On January 31st, the activity starts at noon. Members simply follow the simple steps to win more than 160 awards to PS Plus members, and including PlayStation 4 gift certificates, PlayStation VR, Wireless Headset-3D Surround Audio and PSN.
Special! For each event, the partner "Code of the Year of the Playstation 4 Toro Lunar" code will need to be strengthened.

Follow details on PlayStation enhancement and activity at the fan page. PlayStation Asia

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