Pogba – Marxis Luxury! Cut Manu Fulham Levels

Popba-Marxal, sunnd! Cut the degree of Fulham smash

Cut the level of Manchester United player, Fulham hit up to the 4th Premier League with Paul Pogba and Antoine Marx. Score only

Manchester United went on to win Fulham 3-0 to Bothan Craven in the English Premier League on Saturday, 9 February, which made up the 4th place of the temporary record and gave it to Ole Cancun. Narsolan Cha was "Red Devils" to win 10 out of 11 games in all programs. Since it came to accept the work from Jose Mourinho in December last year

This game, Sol Cha, changed to the gameplayers Leicester won to 6 people due to the need to break their / her; match against Paris Saint-Germain, the French Ligue giants in UE League Champions 16 tour, and first game. Tuesday 12th February

David de Kea 6

There is little work to do. Avoid openness And finding some attacks But doing a good position Making it safe Before you missed it; yellow card at the end of game

Deko Da Lat 7

Good you did with the right back situation There is no problem with the Fulham attack campaigns and the game can be improved several times.

Phil Jones 7

The guide for the trip is to; new contract. And being paid to the highest 2-0 Marseille solus

Chris Smelling 6

During the first line of attack, the pressure was heavy. And there are many errors before you start to be suited to their better game To help the team successfully by collecting clean pages

Luke Shaw 7

Play a strong game And fill their game well, especially in the & # 39; first half

Nemanja Matich 7

He can control the mid game of his / her help park; a smoothly flowing game, with power and a stable position

Ander Herrera 8

Working hard in the middle And the game plays an important part with a quick time to change from attack

Paul Pogba 9

Setting a & # 39; first door at the right time After the first time, the locals seemed to be start better. Then show the unique form Gus was the second goal from the penalty spot Making 7 goals in 9 league games in the Seoul era

Juan Mata 6

Buying a member property But it can make a good way And has an important role in helping Manchester United get a penalty

Romelu Lukaku 5

Full in many strokes But it's still good at helping Matthew to get a penalty

Anthony Marxayal 8

Pay for Pogba for a & # 39; The first time before they come to one another to get an amazing visit.


Alexis Sanchez (Producing Marc Sialin, 70) 6

Get the chance to kill gold But Look did not hit, confidence is not yet coming back.

Scott McTommey (instead of Pogba. 74) 6

Come down for the last 15 minutes and nothing goes wrong A chance to visit a visit, but the ball overlooks it. crops

Erik Bai Yi (instead of Erreira, No. 85) –

Come down to help close the game And some time in the field

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