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Politics – Directors ร Pachara. # 39; Waiting on 9 May to form a government

Saturday 6th April 2019, 09.44 hours.

Proud of Thailand, a step up to 11th year with the most enjoyable Sonthirat and director of Prawn Pracharath. . "Results information, but always speak Good to stop journalists Preparing the newspaper conference on" Diaries "to honor him The institute is happy to say" Chai t Choioo, the temporary seat of the president.

6 Apr 62 at 08.05 At Parties for Traveling House, 5th floor. This atmosphere is about offering praise for the party to appear in the 11th year of the Traveling Party in a lively way. A party leader was present. Sir Charnvirakul, leader of the Thai Treasure Party (PR), Mr Sorathat Klinprathum, chairman of the party's advisory committee, Mr Songkak Thongsri, Deputy Party Leader. , Mr Supachai Jaisamut, party registrar, Col. Sethaphong Malasuwan, party spokesperson, Mr Supachai Phosu, former Deputy Minister of Agriculture And co-operatives Together with MPs and party members Who wore yellow shirts That party had a service. for a monk. By King Somdej Rattana Aba Wat Waton Niwet Ratchaworawihan With the ritual of the monarchs combined with a total of 9 monks, as well as making Islamic religious ceremonies on the third floor of the party.

Mr Anut said today is a good day. The pride party in Thailand is entitled to every year. And we will also introduce a template for the Democratic Party's congratulations (CPP). Nothing else The party affirmed the original word That the decision cannot go into political direction waiting on 9 May or the day the Electoral Commission (EC) publishes the official election results. wait for the Swedish Party to change law first now they can't do anything

Later, at 08.15. Directed by Mr Sonthirat Sonthisajirawong, party secretary, Mr Wichian Chavalit, party registrar, Mr Natthaphon Thipsuwan, Deputy Party Leader And Mr Puttipong Punnakan, President of Big Bangkok Strategy Getting to the Party TV Welcomes the diary With a floral basket Congratulations on the founding day of the Thailand Thailand t

Ask reporters Rana's Pagan Party Guidance today Is prior association provision? Mr Sonthirat said he came to be worthy because he knew. When asked after 9 May again, Sontirat did not say he stayed until 9 May before.

When he asked when looking at the conditions of the Scottish House Party Should they be asked to come to the government or not? Mr Sithirat said he knew each other and that he had met and if there was a political issue. Meet Mr Anuti, and he has already got to speak to each other. Connecting for a long time since then It's not just done That has been known for a long time

When asked whether you were traveling to the Scottish Conservative Party Before the Democratic Party In terms of importance or not, Mr Sontirat said the Thai Thai Brokerage Party was worthy of being voted on by the Conservative Party. . So depending on the timetable of each party

When asked about the Liberal Party marijuana policy of the Scottish Tiger Party Will you be able to work with the Prachathaphat Party? Mr Sonthirat Aueklai laughed, "O, speak us today to merit."

Then, Mr Anutin said when the guests came, I had to invite them to eat a coffee. Wait for that. Go to the secret room to talk again Before Mr Macthirat joined the coffee team to drink personally. Before entering the coffee room, the two main leaders walked through the media room. With Mr Macthirat, who said, "Use the conference conference well?" They both smiled. The diaries provided the leadership. To bless the Ppl. By Mr Macthirat who disagreed with the idea of ​​not setting up the government's foundation But talk about the pain t

Then Mr Anutin interviewed him. Didn't he talk about setting up the government? Because you need to wait The Electoral Commission first agreed to the election results. For the government constitution The party also adheres to the same principles. In particular they must respect the institution

When asked what would the electoral commission look for for the Orange page and 66 candidates for each party result? Mr Anut said that he keeps to the rules and accepts results. And he said the applicant MP said If there is no objection to the face, as if building the box please do not have to make a complaint. However, opening of the first meeting of the council It is pleasing to note that Mr Chai Chaacob, former Chair of the Scottish Labor Party, has been acting as interim chair of the Scottish Parliament. As Mr Chai is 91 years old, he is regarded as the highest level

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