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Professor Brain Spread! Waiting for friends

April 9 Lt. Gen. Wanchai Phut-ekrong, Researcher (Research) Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station He died of a car crash in a number of cars. He had many deaths and injuries. In front of the farmhouse, Wang Taku branch, Malaiman Road, Moo 1, subdivision Wang Taku, Muckaig Region, province of Nakhon Pathom. So they were made sure by police police, street police, doctors, center Nakhon Pathom and Suksala Rescue Unit Nukhroh Nakhon.

The event attracted many students and people. In front of Chain Optical Alarm shop attached to the farmhouse that was found dead Mr Supakit, a 21 year-old student, Faculty of Education University of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat The body faced face with blood in front of a Toyota Fortuner 938 Nakhon Pathom white car registration number. Broken skull wound Brain is circulated There is a large body of body on the chest. The car was completely destroyed.

At the end of the Toyota Fortuner A van Toyota table is 30-0378 Kanchanaburi is parked. The door is open. All the glass is fractured Mr Anon, who is 30 years old, is badly injured. He was taken to hospital Nearby, Motorcycle Registration Honda Blue Scoop 1 January 5711, Bangkok Honda Motorcycle, Registration 1, 2231, Kanchanaburi, has been destroyed.

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Whilst in the center of the road, Isuzu 4-door pickup lorry with a white plate of 6 Kg 297 Bangkok, is parked in a car accident. Also, 2 female students were injured.

From the research, the witness gave evidence Before the event, they saw a pickup lorry racing with another car. Then the car broke down and turned against a Toyota car that was parked in the way. Turning into the van breaks into the van Then they swept into 2 other motorbikes and then fell to the motorcycle Mr Supakit Camagan waiting for friends on the road to dying. The officer then removed the body for placing an autopsy. Done to get the car away for checking Before a court action is taken

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