"Rachford-Seoul Sharma" won the prize in January: PPTVHD36

Tonight many of the football are good broadcast PPT live. The first two games with Manchester United In order to attack Fulham Mus they went into the field, the team had good news when Rashford Seoul Sharma won the Jan Award. Excellent.

"Rachford-Seoul Sharma" won the prize in January

Ro Seoul Sharma The team's team will visit Fulham. He won a successful win. He captured the Premier League leader for the month of January, following a temporary team from Jose Mourinho in mid-December and the Red Devils not to & # 39; still misses, which loses 10 matches in each section By performing in January the team did; winning 3 tariffs and 1 attractive. The key is to win a team for the Spurs and now they have the opportunity to bring the team to the top four. After you collect points after the top four zones, 2 remaining points

Although Marcus Rashford was formally strong after the Sol Sharma team I got the chance to be the last one for the past month, and then I got 3 goals from 4 tonight games. Manchester United Will Will a Premier League visit Fulham, who is Seoul Sharma? Emphasize the team to take care of and Focus on recruitment Do not just look at its & # 39; game. European League to meet PSG because it is affecting the rating in the # 39; bulk of points.

Fulham met Manchester United on live coverage. 19.30 m., Le 22.15 derby Madrid in Madrid, meets Real Madrid at 23.00. PSG will meet with Bordeaux and at 00.30. I found a Schalke

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