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Redmi Note 7, the smartphone 4,999 from Xiaomi who came out to get all the brands in the middle market.

During this political heat, there are lots of smartphones The brand now needs to speed up new equipment such as Samsung, Oppo and Xiaomi's newest devices. However, all of these brands are known to apply in April onwards, people in Thailand will spend most of their money on tourism.

So the publication is now. Buy first, better, but it's the question which brand will buy the good model, not the main module time. But is the mid-market model time

Redmi Note 7 with a price of 4,999 baht

Now, smartphones from the center to the top of the Competition arena at the assignation and camera first. This should be the last thing that can be implemented. As all the smartphones are now closed in the area that the department can develop. If the other side of the competition is still possible it would be is a question about price.

But if the price is reduced, there is a chance of loss of income

But this strategy is not a problem for Xiaomi, so introducing Redmi Note 7 (read that Red Mee Note 7) was officially published on 27 March 62 with a starting price of 4,999 baht.

Design has a strong specification

Starting at 4,999 baht, it is thought to be in the middle market, even lower, but with the appearance of Redmi Note 7 looking good. It uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back. back. The answer to the reconstruction of FHD + 1080 × 2380

The Red Red Note 7 reverse uses the Samsung ISOCELL GM1 sensor which can resolve up to 48 million pixels. This feature increases the camera's sensitivity and output from the 12MP resolution generated. And please provide more detailed information Even with low light

A specification in Redmi Note 7 uses slate Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE with a maximum speed of 2.2GHz. It has a 4000mAh battery battery. THB 4GB RAM / 64GB model, prices 6,599 baht and RAM 4GB / 128GB price, prices 6,799 baht t

Redmi Note 7 begins to sell via the online media of Lazada, AIS online.

Red Mee Note will launch a 7 advert for people interested in using Lazada from 20 March at 8.00am to 26 March at 12 noon and 26 March, 2019. Lazada will publish a list of 48 lucky winners through app. The winner will be awarded a Competitive Bluetooth Speaker Compact 2 and on 27 March From 00:01 onwards, Red Mi Note 7 will be officially launched for the first time through online channels. And this will be part of the Lazada 2019 birthday sales campaign

Prof. Wilhelm Nicolaisen Summary Summary

A smartphone with similar dimensions What was the most interesting price they sent for each other. If you can identify Xiaomi's brand name for many people in Thailand who are interested in new technology And also include the air air, ensuring that Redmi Note 7 is more likely to be target a mid-market market

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