Remove the "Nan Cao Wei" lesson. Use how you used the wrong way. There is a penalty.

Remove the lesson. Nanao Wei ž

It must be a bad practice with punishment

On February 8, Traditional Medicine Medicine Department and Alternative Medicine Ministry of Public Health (STO) with the hospital (Hospital) Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Organize an academic conference A & N removal of lessons Nanao Wei As you move away from gold, black failure Ž There are speakers that are familiar with the weeds of Nanchao Wei. And patients with a kidney disease A & including those who experience their disease; using Nan Chao Wei's herbs to come together

Dr. Supin Sirilak Head of Medicine Involvement Medicine Faculty Naresuan University as a doctor to deal with a kidney patient Finds More patients in Thailand with sustained kidney disease or bad back. With a figure of 8 million, which is overwhelming 98 per cent of people know that they have black disease. For the disease to proceed to level 5, this is almost the last level of indicators And it is difficult to maintain

The risk of kidney disease is a group of diabetes patients with high blood sugar, so they want to make the blood at least once a year. In addition, there is another indicator. To watch from frequent urination at night It is also a danger. In addition, patients with behaviors who are keen to buy food to eat themselves. The two pharmacy and drug appliances In particular for fast-working drugs If consumed regularly, it affects both bread and liver. Dr Supinada said

Dr. Supin DaHe said reports from Belgium are saying that People who use herbaceous stresses her & her; declining the dragon. Due to the use of the herbs

So, I'd like to recommend that care is done. One, the habitats to stay with us for a long time, there are 6 items. 1. Do not buy medicine until you eat yourself. 2. Not recommended for herbs to be used by patients with kidney disease. Because most research results are beneficial to ordinary people But for patients, there is no research that helps cure 3. Unlocking from eating salt. And food to add more MSG 4. Maintain weight control, not fatigue As obese people are more at risk of kidney disease than skinny ones 5. Stop smoking and 6. Controlling illnesses, sugar and stress Ž Dr. Supinada, if all all 6 can be achieved, it is difficult to get dragon disease.

Side Phakakrong Kwankha Head of the Empirical Evidence Center Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital said the debate today would like to consider the systems that help people to use the herbs safely. And use his grandfather's wisdom and paternal extensions For the Nan Chao Wei herbs There are many names, such as Heng MaŽ's forest by Thai Thai Doctor, known as the lonely cemetery. The deserted cemetery อง Mangrove Cemetery Ž Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital has to be collected and inspected by indigenous doctors for more than ten years. To find that eating has been used for a long time. Especially in the major major clans in Thailand, which are still a war, they are used but are not quite wide

Phakrong Hospital He said that the Nanchao Wei herbs were to be safe, they should not eat more than 1-3 leaves and should not eat every day It may be scratched first to reduce the acid. Nanao Wei's reason or fact is a factor; negatively affects its body. Very high medium Users have black huts before using herbs. Including other factors such as a stop on today's medicine and existing diseases And often a bit of wrongdoing; There are many types of herbs that are disinfected

Patients who eat Nanchao Wei believe that it will help to treat continuous diseases, diabetes, fatigue and can cure the disease. Help improve the regulation of the disease Do not have to eat modern cuisine In some cases, reduce the drug and cause it; The drug stopped. He said that this herb can cure many diseases such as pain, cancer, etc., including eating to keep the body healthy. Without disease, without signs But I want to use It's hoping to be elixir Ž Dr. Pakakrong, as well as the use of Nanchao Wei's herbs in foreign countries such as Africa to deal with many diseases such as malaria, gastritis, acting, antibiotics Diseases caused to sex, hemorrhoids, etc.

Side Mr Peerapol Anutarasoth The host shared presentation host said he would have to perform his / her; program, sure before sharing it in thousands, it got really shared information. But when you're searching back back to the source Most will not be true. And more in today's society Movement is fast and easy. Making incorrect information Easy to do so in both slides and videos So, asking the public to help analyze and repeat the data before sharing them As Damage has been to share and share. believed and believed and used in the prosecution. In addition, many times were split for hope with items such as food sales. Herbs

Yes Mrs. Amorn Bunjong FM Production Program Manager 96.5 Shared information shared by audience using herbs that were partly due to medical vocabulary and herbal marks Communicate with a difficult language in an academic Access to information from being tells When I can share information in a simple language It can produce poor understanding and misuse. Both useful herbs are used when personalized, the person will only control Nao Cao Wei in sugar 1 day a day and her physical examination is also to be followed regularly

For interested people Can I use herbs correctly at The 16th Herbal National Expo, from 6-10 March 2019 at the Impact Exhibition Center, Thong Thani Muang Hall 10-12

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