Samitants will expand mobile health services to support Apple HealthKit early next year.


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On November 25, Samitivej Hospital has expanded on the spread-out telephone health services called "Samitivej". Advertise with us Links There are many interesting things.

Samitivej Health health services include the Samitivej app. Plus is the original service that was launched when you were on June. This application was developed by Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank, and also has an official LINE account that was previously launched.

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Recently, Samitivej Hospital has launched three new services to support health services, including:

  • Samitive PACE It is a service that looks at a patient's patient status. You can see information about the surgery. Before and after, through the app.
  • Ward Administration As an ongoing patient treatment service. This app shows a & # 39; medicine plan. Select Room Room for Rehabilitation It will increase service speed.
  • Accessibility The most interesting thing is that the hospital is now developing a system that can connect to Apple HealthKit tools to enable health information to be transmitted. Every iPhone has a diagnostic product on the iPhone.

But service Accessibility In the stage of development. It will be officially launched around the beginning of 2019.

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