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Save love from parents.Nong Nen laughs against SCID to the last.

Mom noted the "Nong Aden" features, the leading sick children of a vicious or SCID in the ICU room for 72 days, laughing against the last disease. We hope the story is useful to other patients … t

On 28 March 62, Baby Chitlada Ekprasertkul, mother of Aden's mother, had a headaches illness (SCID) at the age of 3 months. Bone marrow reconstruction If you know quickly, you can treat. But the cost of treatment is very expensive

The mother has written a story about Aden's brother since illness began. To record symptoms and cures for 72 days in the ICU room, as a result of a second lung disease before Aden left. Both floods, lungs, winds from the lungs, fever and more, need doctors who give lots of medicine t

Mum said The disease is also very dangerous. Because nobody with this disease will have any immunity to prevent a range of diseases, ready to stay ill all the time And when it's sick, it will be Heavy And treated slower t the usual people Save the young people The best mark of the time ICU has chosen is the best way to check this out.

"But in Aden's life you never gave you pain. Going back, she had no smile. By laughing in the way that Mo and Nok still don't expect. Laughing everything to fight How heavy I can laugh I can even be thrown at the neck to help with breathing. I am still laughing. This is an important encouragement for Mo and Nok Nok to be careful of him forever. We always both talk We will try to be hard to see you. Children are a good example of laughing in every obstacle. Boy looking at us We can't be very sad. The only one who enjoyed Aden

We are always thankful for all the confidence that was sent to you. While she is still living with Mo and Nok Nok, we would like to thank everyone for their support today.

For a particular feature of this disease, it is easy to treat the patient, but it is treated slowly. There are 10 warning signs which may be low but as follows.

1. Infected in the middle ear 4 times or more in one year

2. Indivisible sinusitis 2 or more times in a year

3. You must use a disinfection for 2 months or more results

4. Cubics, lung disease 2 or more per year

5. Body weight is not elevated. Or grow unexpectedly in babies

6. Re-sit in the sub-layer layer or internal members

7. Bone fungus in the mouth or skin in older patients. T

8. You must give blood disorders to heal diseases.

9. Infection is present in the limbs or infection in the bloodstream.

10. Have family histories of low self-depression

SCID is the most serious disease in the main disease group. But in the SCID body itself, it is also broken down by chromosomal abnormallan of each human being, even though it is the same SCID but the degree of disorders varies. So whoever owns this disease must have bone bone transplant as quickly as possible.

We want the full story of Aden to remind him of the importance of “time” when the doctor finds out he is a SCID disease. The doctor said that, according to the statistics, we have time to stay with the youngest ones over 2 years. T You can be with us for a year only. If someone else does not know what you will spend a year doing, but Mo and Nok Nok. We have never regretted this time for a year because we use every second place to give the best value in caring for our children with love and warmth. We use every fraction of a dice to find medicine for their treatment from this disease. But time is not money Money has never changed when it is being used properly.

The story of Aden will not end here. Mo wants everyone to encourage young people And you can always help me push each other into everything. My and Phi Nok are going to do For that goal one day Children who are ill with SCID will be treated immediately. We will try to do everything we can. What we can Both The story tells the story of the Enterprise epidemic so that people can give many basic stem cells and more importantly push for the state health insurance entitlement which covers bone marrow transplantation to patients with SCID This disease can not wait. An important example is the Nong Aden. Although every effort has been made to get the in-migrants available for the time, but it is still possible

To ensure that any child with SCID has had bone marrow transplantation of the disease already, due to the story of Aden, we use it to push the young Aden would be happier. Nong Aden will laugh from everyone in the sky..

(Pictures and information from Facebook Facebook) Chitlada Ekprasertkul)

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