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Bangkok – November 23 – Dhipaya Insurance

Dhipaya Insurance with Asiabike to open the 2018 International Bike Bangkok with Mr Vichai Likitchaun, Deputy Chief Executive, Mr Pornrat Ekkachai, Deputy Chief Executive, Dhipaya Insurance Companies Limited and Asian International Agents. Businesses and Risks, Khun Sima Yingyong, Managing Director, and Mr Sutatchak Yoong, Deputy Director of Management. Together, they launched the BIKE TIP bicycle insurance campaign to raise consumer service level. By offering a BIKE TIP bicycle insurance that a & # 39; offers up to 80% free BMC broadcasts. Users with an interest can visit their & # 39; cottage at the event. Exhibition Hall Bangkok Bike Bangkok 3-4, Muang Thong Thani, 22-25 November 2018 11.00 – 00:00 Asiabike booth (S03) or visit the showroom. Asiabike and retailers all over the country.

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