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"Shark Lakes" launched the club to "sit" the "world", and # 39; help set the target for 1 out of 5 applications for a member; competitive suck.

Chonburi FC "Shark Lakes" launched the fight against Toyota's "Big Pop" in 2019, Toyota Thai 2019, confident this year to get the army ready. We benefit the top 5 level in the Thai League and we will ask to submit one case-by-case. Get a soft world to get a coaching role.

On 15 February, the group "Shark Lakes" Chonburi FC, the Eastern Division team, launched the club to fight in 2019, with a news conference to launch supporters. What is the season that looks like the new trustees Siam Commercial Bank To support the Shark Lakes team in the 2019 season As well as organizing a grateful party for their fans in the "Shark" event Lakes among themselves "at the Bang Sai Subdistrict Municipality department with" Big Pok "Witthaya Khun Pluem, President Club Club Chonburi, Annop Singto Thong, Deputy Chief of Staff; Club, "Coachbo" Chakrapan, a shark year councilor Together with industry agency operators And managing materials in Thailand That supports 16 clubs

That is, the Thai Beverage Limited Company, Chang's designated drinks, Nike sporting machine, Idemitsu engine oil, Daikin Industries, Thailand Limited, produce and produce. distribution of aviation aircraft. Daikin, Escola drinking, Siam Commercial Bank, Thai Pattana PE Pipes Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and plastic pipe converter, General Public European Food, Limited, manufacture and manufacture. broadcasting messages form A Celebrity Star AirAsia, AIA Life Life, WHA Business Development Public Company Limited, Chon Inter Hotel, Samitivej Sriracha Hospital, Lucky Star Universal Universal Company, Inc., Manufacturer and release of frost, Lucky Star, Fitness First , Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. And the Chonburi Divisional Administration Group among "Shark Lakes" fans who are interested in traveling Witnesses greatly

Witthaya Khunpluem said, "During this season, we used the same coach as Choach Bob to continue with the policy last year. We focus on teamwork and play Invasive game To win the honor Although the budget for this year is only 100 million baht But I believe in the ability of all parties Even if there are more than two times more of our big teams But this lagoon shark Ready to fight With the big team All in high school In the league, we will do it full. And our goal is to complete the 1st in five highest in the table. In the coup, we hope to match one of the campaigns. "

President Shark Lakes said that "I would like to make an official announcement at this event. The club has recruited a young world to become a coach assistant. We have a duty to support the Bojaphan coach spinning year for a team What do I believe to do With experience of playing and becoming an idol of many Chonburi players It will help us to help our players to maximize their potential. , first match to the old player, Buriram agrees to be very heavy, but I still believe that our sea basking sharks will attack. "

On the side of "Coachbo", the great co-advisor, Jakrapan Spinning, said: "This year has changed. Axis's axis's main But I still believe in all my team members This year, Worachit Kittisribampen At the season that has been very successful already I believe the sport Will keep the general level with Kong, who This year has changed the number as number 10, as well as being a great teammate after the team's team situation in the world. I believe that Kong will take it, out his ability over the past year. "

"In terms of the other roles, we have a South Korean mid player that will balance our game and future Lucian, the Brazilian strike. I think Lucian responds to the goal. With our team In terms of other roles, We have 2 national players in Burma, both Saw Min Tun and Seth Thuong 2. This is a good player and is an important part of the team. Like many other players, most of them still full, Nopanon Kachapalayakan, Chanin Sae-oia, Panuphon Pholsa, Kritsadakman, Sittichok Phaso and many Those who are ready to help shark sharks come back, "Bob coach decided.

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