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Short! Ultimate & Sri Ayodhya & # 39; United States – innnews

After Sin Jai Silver Plates Take an award Best Actress In Support Duty From the level Asia Go to the series of films to honor the Lord Buddha's glory. Sri Ayothaya He was selected for the finalists in the festival New York Festival TV & TV Awards The United States from 60 countries around the world And the only Thai film series is the final three final

1South Westerly Best Play by an actor Le Ananda Averyham

2.Best Play by an actor Le Khemij Chamikorn

3.Best camera work Le Tanai Nimcharoenphong

Sivapol Prachakbitsetsada

Thiraphong Songphra

Mom Noi – ML Phan Thuanphetevakun That appeared " Teams and actors from Sri Ayothaya Everyone is proud Who brings the cultural world of the people of the Linguistic people into the world in this festival And the most important thing This film will give a deep understanding to the Islands. In high loyalty Thai people are there for their monarchy "

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