Siriporn Ampaipong's best deserve to qualify for his lottery. He wishes everyone very lucky

The well-known singer, The Heng, was a lottery around the world. – – Luk Lam Sai Sai Bun A still scratched, a & # 39; merit, without eating last Siriporn Ampaipong Not to a sister, a recent post and to make sure that people have a job. carrying to the lucky number

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With this title, "Teampall Ya Som's teacher worship ceremony, if there is a Master of Ajarn Namchai Chotirato Aba Ti Temple Som Temple, Khlong District, Department of Sa Kaeo # # Congratulate Boon together."

"Siriporn Ampaipong Foundation with Faculty Foundation Provides assessment of scholarships for disabled children And giving them to those who need At the time of the birthplace of Phra Ajarn Namchai Chotirato Abba at Teampall Ya Som, Hat Khlong District, Sa Kaeo Department #Help and share Is Pleasurable That Does Not Run # Siriporn Ampaipong Foundation "

With the well-known singer who was honored on February 27th at the birth of Phra Ajarn Namchai Chotirato Aba Ya Ya Temple, Teampall Sa Kaeo 44 years of anniversary What if a player I would like to be a lucky number According to the fortune of each person The singer also added fortunes with fans "You wish luckily tomorrow."

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