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Somchai & # 39; I'm a foundation for hair I'm going to politics!

"Somchai" is the basis for my design. Breach has been invented. Write a legal scam Tell politics this weekend This sign up for political parties. Friendly Invitation

On November 22, 61, Somchai Sri Somsak, who was PM of Thai, said: "This constitution has been designed for me. If this result is not the result of this constitution. We will continue Being a commissioner for the next three years, but this constitution will give power. NES will set a free organization as you want. I did not wash it. I'm happy to stay. The lack of certificates and prohibition of the Constitution also empowers the NSC. Section 44 exceeds the statutory power of its verdict, names death in all cases. I ordered to retire. I do not speak too much and too hard.

Mr Somchai also said, "The Constitution also restricts how I walk. Non-independent organizations can not apply. This constitution also gave me a review. I saw the words of political use made ingeniously. See the litter writing law. It is a book in the book. Teaching is going to be a day. See that this constitution is designed for me. "

"This weekend If nothing is lost I can notify this statute of designation. I have been applying for membership in a political party. Invited by a friend. Hopefully, the future will help solve this constitution. For the benefit of the general community. Do not allow politics to talk to the people. This Constitution is for us, "said Mr Somchai .

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