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Telephone Review Huawei P30 Pro latest from Huawei

The latest phone from Huawei Huawei P30 Pro At the moment, returning with the most powerful powers and video from DxOMark up to 112 degrees now. With the back camera, LEICA Quad Camera can climb up to 10x Hybrid Zoom without losing the profile of the image. And also improving efficiency in aspects of this model, good and comprehensive, from the previous to another and another. P30 Pro There are some interesting features in this module. It can follow

Beautiful design, curved glass on the back

For the P30 Pro, a curved glass screen is on the front and back with this model with 6.42 inch Oled Light, Notch Less, 2340 × 1080 pixels, FHD +, 19.5: 9. Style HDR10 use in 3 shapes, 2 bars and aids. This machine is also waterproof. Don't worry about drinking water.

This Goose option is used to display the screen better. That is convenient. Just rise up to return to the home page, move from one to the other. They can easily use one hand Bringing in users from the new iPhone, they do not need to change too much.

The finger scanning system is built into the screen. When maintaining the phone, there is a fingerprint that shows the product, allowing us to see and use the keyboard to touch the finger to bring the device. immediately. The scanning and resolution are swift.

Airport USB-C, undercut and without 3.5mm uniform

We are still using the port USB-C to pay and deliver data and fundamentally we do not have a 3.5 mm earrobe while all the other bands are. Recycled But in the box you can use USB-C smartphones for free to use. But if a person wants to use the same phones You need to find a turntable to use more around the harbor. There will be a memory stick with a Nano memory card which supports up to 512 GB, a microphone conversation hole. And speakers speak

On the top, there is an infra-red appliance for use with the Remote Remote app to control a TV remote control, an airplane, a camera, a projector, etc. that we can use these electronic devices to use with you. their own. And then there is a microphone for video recording and breaking out various sounds.

Different use buttons It will be on the right With the book change button and the power button placed

Camera Selfie 32 megapixel conversations without speaker

Designed by Notch Less to add a selfie 32-megapixel camera, opening f / 2.0, with different effects, as it is at beauty, visual design, etc., and with different senses. Hidden inside It can be unlocked with a page and the speaker is cut out to have more display screen space. Huawei uses new HUAWEI Acoustic display technology to transfer the sound through the screen by calling a voice. What makes the conversation sound as well as the removal of an ear for attributing a general speaker

Preview of the first camera

LEICA Quad Camara back

The LEICA Quad Camera back camera is made up of a photograph

  • Main lens-size-megapixel 40-megapixel, f / 1.6 OIS sustainability system
  • Ultra-width lens, 20 million pixels, opening f / 2.2
  • 8 million Tele lens pixels, 5x zoom optional, opening f / 3.4, OIS image sustainability system
  • ToF lens allows clarity, free from the face and face of objects to make sure.

Modifying the RGGB to RYYB (red, yellow, yellow, blue) the world's first to make up 40% more light and the greatest level of market awareness t 1.17 inches compared to other smartphones The back camera of the iSO of the camera can be pushed up to 409,600 (Auto), allowing better burning in light or dark areas. And we have a way to choose pictures with a 40 megapixel lens too but they also have to change switches that can't be made

Photographs AI will automatically change the color and automatically on the edge of the image.

Take a wide area

Built with the main lens

He designed it with a wide lens

Burning 5x, 10x and 50x





Built in the darkness at low light

Built in a low light This is thought to be well done

Introduced by high ISO weight, helping to show better information


ToF lens helps to develop shallow depth and severity of the background.

Clearer design mode

Black and white illustrations with flat dimensions

In an attempt to burn in many locations (such as above), this model has been developed to be more user-friendly, including the AI ​​system that helps to change many of these perspectives. easier. Including shooting in a lower light also Moving pictures can be worse than before. Wide photographs of the area tIt will have to remove the image from scratch first and a little more tThe smaller wide lens has fewer doors, than the main lens.

For maneuvering from 5x upwards, you must still have a tripod, or if the camera is still stable, the best logo and 50x must be outdoor or sunny. The increased image will be a little more direct. But if it is in a light light the image will be unpleasant because it will force the slightly eroded image, as well as those that think they will use 5x, 10x or even 50x in some situations. T . It is absolutely necessary Without the necessity of Desertification or stand up and walk in to take photographs Click once

There's also video recording with an anti-shake system OIS + AIS and AI HDR + also helping to make the video clearer. Although not equivalent to devices such as Gimball, it is thought that several drugs are excellent at having one phone to have pictures taken. More responsive to users And they can share videos with different perspectives, whether they are extended or wide

Machine performance

The P30 Pro is equipped with Kirin 980's main priority processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. GPU Turbo 3.0 The Android 9 operating system with EMUI 9.1 has easy-to-use, easy-to-use games systems. Or if you don't like it, you can switch to Dark Mode or use other topics

GPU Turbo 3.0 will help reduce chipset energy usage by 10% and manage the system's facilities to play more play. Letting the game move smoothly and also save the battery life of the game. In addition, games that support GPU Turbo 3.0 also support 25 more games. After 6 games only, the team has tried to play PUBG Mobile to change the highest standard. When you play, it can be played easily. The plant is not easy to heat. Considered good for this high telephone model

The battery will remain with cost for friends

For this module, it uses a 4,200mA battery for a comfortable day. Inside the box is a SuperCharge 2.0 (40W) device that can be used to provide high speeds. It can cost from 0% to 70% within half an hour. Support wireless costs up to 15W and use the Cycle Free Driving system to charge wireless devices to other devices. We support non-wireless costs such as Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro Summary – Huawei P30 Pro

For this phone, the word "Super Camera Phone" Yes, that's right There has been a lot of camera development since the first photograph. You can often record photos on a number of sides. But it is not just the camera, which might be said to be the other way round, between crossballs to use and play games, more lively performances, long-term battery, and more Drawing designs which look more beautiful and luxurious

'Camera, beautiful design, battery life, fine camera photograph t

Anyone who believes that it may want to have a mobile phone Get a good video To play the game also Battery t Huawei P30 Pro This model certainly ensures your answer.


  • The LEICA Quad Camera rear camera is very good and can carry up to 50 times and can be shot with large eggs t
  • Video camera with backup camera, OIS + AIS system
  • Screen on their name, even though it's totally HD +, but it's still an elegant result.
  • A fingerprint scanning system under the screen works quickly.
  • The machine runs smoothly with the iconic project Kirin 980 + 8 GB RAM.
  • Supports Huawei SuperCharge's loading system
  • The latest version of EMUI 9.1 has many features.
  • Water quality protection IP68


  • The design of the rear camera is not too tight. But you should find an argument for hiding the convex lens
  • Outdoor memory for the Nano memory card is Huawei only.
  • The device has been switched off from the factory performance mode. If you want to satisfy the device, you need to manually change Performance Mode in the battery settings menu. But this will reduce the battery awareness faster than usual

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