Test ย ย ย ย ย "Nui Phong Suk" Test Mercedes-Benz E 350 e AMG Excellence Theology "First!"

Test Mercedes-Benz E 350 Testing the Mercedes-Benz Merchants E-tested by AMG 350 Investigate Bangna to Bang Pakong & # 39; with the Mercedes-Benz E 350 review it is E-Class. Innovation And sport as a car, the PLUG-IN HYBRID is a limited power system of power. House building is environmentally friendly

BENZ E350e AMG Decorative style band With slippery design that looks at sport with camera and surrounds. When we reach the Hooking and viewing screen of the screen, warning us to be vigilant. right away. With MULTIBEAM LED chiefs with 2 daytime runners, 19 kilometers out, AMG design with running run tires. The front brakes have heat heats in a symbol. Mercedes-Benz On the front face is a caliper There is also a sunroof panorama, a power switch.

  • Inside the fun design Leather seating, nappa leather lattice, front seating, electronically switched on, recalling the positioning we made, Multi-action rotor, nappa leather trimming at the edge of the bridge. incoming comfort and convenience Our feet do not stop. And it also looks fun
  • When we board the car, you do not have to turn the key over to have the brakes time and click on the button to get to the equipment. Sports brake keys and accelerator Front cover, leather door panel There are also 64 fixed lights, a portable screen display, a cockpit style, that you feel like a plane or space space.
  • Designed to connect with Bluetooth Voice commands and support your apple car and auto android games, and is essential for Burmester speakers not available only in Dynamic AMG modules.
  • A multi-functional sports control, back back, nappa leather, with a wheel wheel and a seat
  • Full digital panel with control button (control key button)
  • There is also a display system for data displaying the presentation of the exhibition.
  • There is space for wireless charging systems for mobile phones (wireless prices). T
  • Sound system around Burmester®
  • The mobile connection link supports iOS (Apple CarPlayTM) and Android (Android Auto).

There are several interesting features of the system as follows.

  • Gasoline engine 4 cylinder 211 cavalry 2000 BC
  • Working with motor motor 88 with hp
  • With the highest power that could be absorbed through the integration of the machine, the motor output (System Result) is 286 engines, the largest torch of 550 Nm.
  • The maximum speed 100 of the 100% mode ’mode modh mode is up to 130 km / h
  • Accelerated 0-100 acceleration in 6.2 seconds
  • They were broadcast along with 9 G-Tronic Plus 9 fast-moving speed with a control device system
  • CO2 emissions are only 49-57 g / km
  • Fill a safety system under the Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive system for the driver and passengers to gain full security.
  • Pilot Parking involves Active Parking Assistance The Class E is already a fully understood vehicle. And with a system that will allow the car to park and leave the park, both in parallel parking and in own self-pay parking Nothing to do at the rear of the camera. backwards using Active Active, an ash control system and a system of automated switchover Come and work together to escape
  • The camera displays an image around it. Introducing the system to remove the distance from the car (Pilot Pirate Peat) This system works by using radar detectors that have been fitted. enter the hopper to work out how far the car is safe from the speed car. And speed is automatically reduced, helping with the brakes with about 50% of the normal brake force To keep the speed the driver is standing up
  • The system helps to warn when blind support has been submitted for the first time in this module. Helping to reduce the risk of accidents by cars or other bikes that are noticed when changing traffic routes. This system will operate from a distance of 12 km / h car.
  • It has a warning light, a symbol of a red triangle which appears on the mirrors on the left and right as quickly as the system gets the car nearby. This side appears on the flass symbol and contains a warning.
  • DYNAMIC SELECT is a style change system that changes the style of driving you want at your top. Control of power distribution A management response, hanging system, air conditioning system and Eco Start / Stop work for a fuel economy through the DYNAMIC SELECT button can be selected from 5 driving styles, whether it is
    • An Eco method to save fuel
    • A method of comforting for driving and driving on the road
    • Sporting mode for active driving With a direct management directive, responding to each driving speed Automatic delivery 9 9-TRONIC, changes gears smoothly and smoothly. Or put a different concern on you
    • The Spòrs + method gives full awareness of power
    • Separately the way you can change the different operating systems Differently Answer each different style of driving.
  • A lower system of the AIRMATIC system is available in 3 categories: Comfort, Sport and Sport + which can be selected at this Maximum increase in frequency but there will be a focus on performance Of the driving range To ensure each road is is achieved

There are 4 driving modes: t

  • Hybrid – The system works as appropriate for the accelerator. Co-operation of gasoline engines And electric motors
  • E-MODE – 100% power supply t
  • E-SAVE – helping to maintain energy levels
  • CHARGE – Receiving money when you run If it is pressed, it will build up forever (By using the electricity generating tool) that is suitable for running around 80 (it will remove) areas leading to other areas will help to store electronic energy well) t

Microfiche systems such as the CTW, Siam Center, paradise parade, many important hotels or MEA apps, also have the Mercedes Benz murder station. Because this app is an app to locate power cables, there are Android and iOS systems in place. When you go into the app, you'll see where there are tax points. Is the nearest place?


Mercedes Benz E 350 european model AMG Dynamic comes with a price of 4,090,000 baht and for every Mercedes benz class car, being offered a special 0% interest, 4 years, year insurance, a year free, discounts money. This is especially for buyers who purchase their cars and get a Mercedes Benz car for only models available.


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